Winning the PPC Battle

The article is about Winning the PPC Battle. Although you may have read about PPC tips and ways to succeed at it, there are still innumerable web marketers and PPC professionals who still end up messing it up. For those who still struggle with low PPC conversions and incurring high costs, here are some fundamental tips that will certainly help you.

Winning the PPC Battle


Set Clear Goals

Like every initiative must have a strong reasoning, PPC too works on the same principle. Setting clear, measurable goals is the first step to successful PPC. Even today, there are many PPC professionals who set incorrect goals. If you have an ecommerce website, then your goal is to measure hard core sales. If you are looking to generate leads, then make leads as your eventual goal.


The significance of choosing the right keywords can be discussed infinitely. In fact your entire PPC campaign is based on it. Although, this seems easy at the outset, those experienced in this field will tell you how difficult it can be to choose the right ones and more importantly leaving out the other keywords.

Keyword Match Types

This is where most PPC guys, especially the new comers eventually slip up. Selecting different match types for different keywords is your secret to success. If you put all the keywords in “broad match”, then God save you. It is critical to have a mix of broad, phrase and exact matching options in your keyword basket so that you get the right (read most targeted) traffic.

  • Negative Match: Using the negative keyword matching option is critical to leave out or restrict unwanted traffic. You don’t want to be spending precious dollars on people who are looking for ‘free products’. So then, just put the word “free” in negative match and your ads will not show up for searches with the word free.

Ad Copy

Creating a good ad copy can be tough, especially when you have a limitation of characters and you need to include so many features about your company. However, the two must-have features are your USP and a Call to Action. USP is a feature that distinguishes you from your competitors. A call to action is essential to urge customers to click and take the action that you want them to take.

Landing Page

Poor landing pages are often the most reason for users to hit the back button, often to the frustration of the advertisers. Imagine after doing all the hard work and spending all the money you actually get the visitors to come to your website but all they do is hit the back button. A good enough reason to tear your hair apart. It is absolutely critical to customize your PPC landing pages and include critical features like good, clear and concise copy, quality design and easy navigation. Without all this, you can expect your PPC to be the money squandering mechanism.

Conversion Tracking

Last but certainly not the least, you need conversion tracking to know what’s happening with your PPC campaigns. If you cannot track the happenings of your PPC campaigns well, don’t even bother to set them in the first place.

If you think that you already know these tips, just compare and analyze your current PPC campaigns against these points and check how they fare. Chances are that you will find areas where you would have slipped up.

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