Why would you not Study Online?

The article concerns the question – Why would you not Study Online? Online degrees have become a common way of upgrading your education. These days in order to remain competitive in the job market it is imperative that you constantly enhance your skills, many people do this by studying online. However online study isn’t for everybody, there are reasons that you may want to consider a different means of getting an eduction. In order to be successful with online study you need to be a strong and highly motivated student.

Why would you not Study Online

The primary reason that online study may not be for you is if you are not a strong independent learner. Universities have gone a long way to improve the support offered to online students but by and large you are still going to be on your own. There will be limited access to your professors and depending on the school you attend little to no interaction with your fellow students.

You will be primarily responsible for learning the material on your own, although if you do get well and truly stuck there is usually some sort of tutorial support. Some students do very well with this sort of learning environment while others don’t do well at all. You will need to assess realistically what kind of student you are and how likely you are to be successful on your own.

A related issue, and one of the biggest disadvantages of studying online, is going to be keeping yourself motivated to do the work, especially if you are taking a self paced course. There will nobody there to tell you when you need to study, there will be no scheduled classes, and for students in self paced courses there won’t even be due dates for your assignments. It is entirely your responsibility to find time for your studies and to make sure that you actually follow through.

A lot of people who think that they are truly motivated often find that they really aren’t, and many people who really are motivated find that there other responsibilities get in the way of their studies. Learning online requires you to have the discipline to stick to your study schedule, and this can be a real challenge for a lot of people. A lot of people are also in a rush to get their degree done and enrol for more classes than they can handle, it is far better to stretch your degree out and make sure that the work load isn’t too much.

There is still a certain prejudice against online degrees, at least in some quarters, although this has changed dramatically in recent years. There was a time when an online degree was looked down as being substandard, and in truth a lot of the early online degrees were substandard.

Nowadays online degrees are much more commonplace and the quality has dramatically improved. Some people will still view online degrees with suspicion and you need to be prepared for this if you choose to pursue one. This is less of an issue than it used to be, but should still be kept in mind.

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