Why Visuals Should Be Promoted On Stumbleupon And Pinterest?

The article concerns the question Why Visuals Should Be Promoted On Stumbleupon And Pinterest?

Why Visuals Should Be Promoted On Stumbleupon And Pinterest?


Deploying Distinct Strategies For Effective Promotion

Those who are deep into the exciting field of online marketing are already aware of the fact that they should diverse kinds of mechanisms in order to promote any particular product or service. For the time being, we will focus upon two social websites that can bring about profound changes to your website.

We will be concentrating on StumbleUpon and Pinterest in this brief discussion. In a short while, the readers will understand the importance of embracing one or both of these social networks to bring about marked improvements in their online presence. Many online marketing professionals are already way ahead in this domain and it is helping them to boost the appeal of any product or service on the internet.

The Purpose Of Stumbleupon

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking website. The same idea has been tried and tested in various iterations previously. For instance, StumbleUpon uses an approach that was previously deployed by online services such as Delicious or Google Bookmarks. Being a social bookmarking portal, it will allow the users to save important as well as interesting links for future reference. The members also have the provision to share this link to the others.

The artificial intelligence included with the same service will help in finding similar links and presenting it to the members. StumbleUpon is also a social voting website; just like Reddit or Digg. The account holders will also get an opportunity to cast their vote on the links shared by others.

The Functioning Of Pinterest

Pinterest uses a distinctive approach whereby the members can ‘pin’ their favorite images. Collections of images ‘pinned’ will lead to the generation of ‘boards’. Once again, the other members will get an opportunity to see what you have ‘pinned’.

They can ‘re-pin’ the same images; it is thus possible to popularize any interesting image through this network within a short period of time. Now that you are aware of the basic functioning of StumbleUpon and Pinterest, let us look into the strategies that must be deployed in order to promote visuals in a very effective manner through these mediums. Most of the online marketers focus upon promoting the visual initially through Pinterest and then subjecting the same to StumbleUpon.

Why Should You Focus On These Two Social Networks?

If the visuals submitted to StumbleUpon are enough to gain the attention of the masses, it is quite natural for the same visuals to get many up-votes. Many people will get to check out the same visuals; perhaps they might also decide to check the Pinterest page for additional visuals. It takes only a small amount of time for an image to spread like wildfire through the internet thanks to social networking websites such as these.

An intelligent online marketer will always try to combine the positive aspects of both of these networks in order to bring about the desired changes in the page rankings. Developing custom online marketing strategies using both of these platforms is easy for experienced professionals within the industry.

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