Why SEO or Search Engine Optimization is So Important

The article concerns the following question – Why SEO or Search Engine Optimization is So Important. Using the power of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is extremely important if you are serious about getting your website or blog to rank highly in the search engines.

Why SEO or Search Engine Optimization is So Important

Fortunately optimizing your site for the top search engine, namely Google, is actually not that difficult.

This is especially true if you are just trying to sell to a local market. In other words you have a business and the bulk of your customers are in your own local area, such as your town, city or county. Optimizing your site can quickly help you get more customers! When it comes to marketing a business online you need to get it right.


SEO will make you money!

So always get the best advice that you can afford, but also be careful who you spend your money with. Check online for more details on what a real professional SEO consultant should be providing to you. You will see that there is a lot more to getting and keeping your site optimized than you might think.

There are things like on-page and on-site SEO that you must do after doing initial business analysis so that you can choose the target keywords that you need your business to rank for. You also need to utilize optimization tactics when designing and building your website too. Finally when your site is built you will need to undertake the biggest part of the whole search engine optimization process whereby you need to get your site linked to from other related and authoritative websites on the internet. This is called off-site SEO and should always be done even if you skimp on the other parts of the process.

And when your site rises in the rankings for more than one keyword you will get more visitors and more sales!

What about Competition?

If you need to SEO your site for the whole country or even internationally then the task gets a little more difficult, or to be more precise it will require more effort to get your site optimized to rank for your target keywords. This is because as the whenever your target market includes more people, and therefore potential customers, then the competition for other optimized websites is going to be greater.

This means that your search engine optimization efforts will be greater because you will also be competing with many more websites and of course they too may be employing an SEO consultant to help them.

Do it Yourself or Hire a Professional?

If you do not understand SEO yourself or are not confident that your SEO knowledge and experience is sufficient to overtake your competitors in Google’s rankings and get your site to that coveted number one position, then you are going to need to employ an experience professional to help you or do the work for you.

Search engine optimisation isn’t actually that difficult, but there is a fine line between knowing and implementing what works and actually doing things that could have the opposite effect on the position of your site in the search engine results pages (serps).

Be Careful Who You Choose!

Today you will find many more so-called gurus and practitioners, especially those working as or for web design companies, that claim to be able to do SEO, whereas their optimization skill set and experience is not sufficient to do the job they are claiming they can do.

One of my friends, unknown to me, has being paying an SEO guy $300 a month to keep her little website optimized. Well that is just a complete rip-off, especially since you really don’t need continuous SEO at that level, unless you have a very big website in a high competition market. And her site definitely wasn’t that! So be warned and be vigilant.

But make sure you do it!


Really, you do need to get some effective search engine optimization for your website and it applies whether you have a new website you need designed or even if your site has been online and running for years (and of course anywhere in between). Things do change in the way the search engines rate and rank websites so it pays to get your site checked annually to see if things can be improved, and more often then not they can be!

Remember SEO is very IMPORTANT!

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