Why Not Study on the Internet?

The article concerns the following question – Why Not Study on the Internet? Countless unknown practices exist as of today. One of them happens to be online education. The diligent students (or their parents) will act in equally intelligent manners before signing up for internet education. We already came across ample explanations for why one must undertake distance education programs. In the remaining sections, we will be looking into the disadvantages of internet education.

Why Not Study on the Internet

Experts hold varying opinions when it comes to educational practices via the internet. While some like interneteducationinfo.com are advocating it, the others find time in criticizing the same. One of the foremost aspects as outlined as a disadvantage is the following – students need to mingle about with their peers and actively participate in the study routines in order to develop a better understanding of the subject.

Internet education simply comprises of spending elaborate time in front of an internet-enabled computer. There is no kind of interaction in between the students. However, some of the renowned universities and online schools have slowly begun to add minor forms of interactions in between the student and their tutor. There is a provision for the students to discuss their lessons via the integrated chat rooms!

Secondly, there is a high probability for the student to get distracted while he or she uses the internet to learn a subject. Ever since the introduction during the developmental stages of the internet, professionals always concentrated on increasing the entertainment value of the internet. If you have an internet connection at home, you can literally spend any number of hours listening to online radios, watching your favorite TV episodes and even engaging in sultry traditions! There is no one to restrict a student (unless a strict parent is always present with the entity). The same is applicable to adults, likewise.

Thirdly, pupils may procrastinate once they opt for internet education. When they enroll in a real world college, they will have to try to keep up with the classes. Else, they will fail miserably in their exams only to be ridiculed by the rest of the class. This inherent fear will envelope them, and they have no other option than to spend their precious time studying. However, for internet education, the student is given the choice to complete the course at their pace. This might prove to be highly detrimental. Give it some thought and you will realize the underlying meaning!

Internet education also relies heavily on the capabilities of the computer deployed, the stability of the internet connection and the knowledge levels (to operate a computer) of the students. The younger generation might be tech-savvy; however, think about those who are using a personal computer for the very first time in their life. The adults will have a tough time trying to grasp the functions integrated into the computer. On the brighter side, learning via the internet can be a fun filled activity. You must enroll in the reputed colleges and schools that have a valid accreditation. Do keep us updated with your experiences.

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