Why List Building is so Overlooked

Why List Building is so Overlooked – and Why It Shouldn’t Be. List building is one of those marketing tactics that many marketers, both new and seasoned, tend to put off until (eventually) they never even think of it any more.  Why is list building so intimidating, and what can you do about it?  Here are some thoughts on the subject.

Why List Building is so Overlooked


Why is list building one of those “dreaded” tasks?

For many people, it simply sounds too technical.  How can you possibly hook up something that collects names on your website and enables you to send out e-mail messages?  The truth is, it is a simple task that requires no technical knowledge or knowledge of html coding.  It’s a copy-and-paste technique, and you type the e-mail messages that you want to send out.  Simple as that.

Are you intimidated?

Others put off list building not because they fear the technical aspects but because of the “what do I do now” feeling once you start collecting e-mail addresses and names.  You don’t know what to say to your list or even where to start.  You don’t want to sound too salesy or pushy, yet you don’t want to be the laid-back wallflower either.

There is a simple solution to this; pay attention to those e-mails you get from people whose list you are on! See how they write them and what makes them effective.  You really don’t have to reinvent the wheel when the patterns are laid out for you all over the Internet.

It’s time to get over your fears

Start list building today; it’s THAT important.  A list is an opportunity for close, trusting relationships.  Who do you think people would rather buy from – a total stranger or someone they feel that they know?

Don’t put it off a minute longer.  Start building a list right away, and you will soon be over the hump.  In a few weeks, it will all be “old hat” to you!

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