Why List Building is a Marketing Tactic Many People Put Off

The article concerns the following question – Why List Building is a Marketing Tactic Many People Put Off. List building is one of those topics that sends shivers of dread through many new marketers.  You may feel that list building is just too hard, so you keep putting it off until a better time. The truth is that while you’re putting it off, money is slipping right through your fingers!  If the thought is intimidating to you, here are a few tips that will help you approach building a list with a new attitude.

Why List Building is a Marketing Tactic Many People Put Off


Afraid you won’t know what to say?

Many people put off building their list because they feel that they won’t know what to say in their e-mail messages.

All you really have to do is be yourself, and offer good information to your list.  Talk about what you know and how you can help your reader with their problem/need.  You don’t have to promote hard in every message; just be subtle and honest.  Offer a link to a great blog post you read or one that you wrote on your own blog.  It isn’t that hard!

But setting up an opt-in form is too hard!

No, it isn’t.  Building a list is easier than ever today, thanks to software that makes it simple even for a beginner.  You just choose the template you want to put on your website/blog; then copy the code and paste it in to your website.  It’s really that simple!

Writing out your follow-up e-mail messages is easy as well.  Just type in your message, set the intervals between messages (number of days), save it, and you’re done.

There is no reason not to build a list

Creating e-mail marketing campaigns is super easy and not too costly, even for someone with a tight budget.

If you’ve been putting off list building because you think it’s more than you can handle, that is no longer an excuse!  The software offered by the most reputable providers today is easy enough for beginners to use, and you can have your account up and running in minutes.

Don’t let list building intimidate you!  You’re leaving a TON of money on the table if you aren’t building a list of targeted subscribers.

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