Why Host your site on a Dedicated IP address

The article concerns the question – Why Host your site on a Dedicated IP address. Why would you want to host your website on a dedicated IP address? Well, you may like to know more about exactly what a dedicated IP address entails and what is important about it. In other words it is dedicated to you. With a dedicated I.P. address your website is the only site hosted on the particular IP address. When you buy your website address from your registrar, you definitely want a dedicated IP address if your site needs almost guaranteed 24 hour a day uptime.

Why Host your site on a Dedicated IP address

What does the uptime mean? Up time means that while your site is being hosted on a dedicated I.P. address you will want the site to be accessible by typing in “www.yoursite.com” and the website will reliably be online and showing. This is very important that is up 24 hours a day. This way, you can guarantee to be making money or sales all of the time even while you are asleep and someone in another country is just waking up. This really opens up your market by making your website available online to sell your service or goods, because people worldwide can buy your product.

Your product is important because you want to reach the consumer. A web hosting service definitely wants to do the same thing with their business. They want to reach you, the consumer or “website owner”, and have you choose their service to host your website. If you choose a host for your website, please choose a dedicated IP address. The other option, although cheaper, is called hosting on a virtual IP or a “shared IP”. A shared IP means you are sharing your website space with others who have websites and could thus prove your site to be less reliable.

A dedicated IP address is so very important to your website business and future that truly considering any other option is not even valid. However, if your website is simply a personal one or something that you just do as a hobby, then perhaps a dedicated IP address is not important for you. But most people do want their websites to be business websites and to potentially make an income from it.When you upload your content and if you do have a dedicated IP address, this makes the process so much easier.

It should be a lot faster also than uploading to a shared IP. This means that your website visitors should have a seamless experience on your site. Your site will be loading very quickly and your website visitors should not have a problem waiting for it to load at all. Some websites with shared IP addresses load slower and thus are much less reliable for website owners.

There are so many reasons to host on a dedicated IP address. It is very important for you to be taken seriously and also so you can trust and know that even when you are sleeping, your site is accessible and ready for your customers to be able to purchase your product or find out important things that they need to know.

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