Why host sites on various c-class IP’s

The article concerns the question – Why host sites on various c-class IP’s. Hosting sites on various c-class IP’s are important for various reasons and it will be apparent once you read this article. When you put your business online, it is very important that you do so with care. There are so many web hosting companies out there that you may feel overwhelmed on choosing the right one. Well I am here to help you in making your decision.

Why host sites on various c-class IP's

Class C IP’s are basically the octets the host uses to put your website on. If you have various websites especially, you may want to link one of your sites to the other, and this can be seen as “spam” if your sites appear to be on the same IP block. The search engines will penalize websites for doing this if they can tell that it’s likely the same company linking to their other various company owned sites. It’s important to have your sites on unique class C Ip’s to avoid any confusion from the SEO’s

Also when hosting sites it is very smart to be careful when you choose your web hosting company. If they use “virtual servers” it is certainly not in the best interests of your websites. You really need to make sure that the hosting company you choose is very professional and has a team of support to help you when you host your websites on the various Class C IP addresses.

Class C IP are great because they are meant for a small business website. If you have a small business than more than likely this will be perfect for you. It handles your website traffic with ease and there is plenty of room for your images, files, and etc to be hosted. Class C IP addresses also look legitimate as a business and believe it or not, some consumers will research your web business. They can do whois queries and find out what sort of hosting you use. If you use a good host, it will reflect well on you.

The Class C IP’s are indeed highly recommended for all of your various sites. Even if they are small, this will be a great investment for your website. Your web host should be able to make sure you have a unique IP address for every website you need hosting and that your up time is 100 percent reliable. You should make sure that your web host offers email support 24 hours a day.

Class C IP’s are great for your website business and for showing the search engines that you are truly interested in providing your surfers with a great website that is full of quality content and that it will be up 99 to 100 percent of the time when they try to access your site. Class C IP’s have typically great up time and it looks as if you are a truly serious internet business guru by hosting your sites on the best of the best.

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