Why deeplinking is of great importance for SEO

The article concerns the following question – Why deeplinking is of great importance for SEO. If you have spent any time at all learning to promote a website you already know that creating backlinks is one of the most important things you can do to increase your search engine rankings. There are wide ranges of strategies that you can implement that will bring you success.

Why deeplinking is of great importance for SEO

Some are better than others. But one thing that is very often overlooked in backlinking strategies is deep linking. You may have taken the time to create a number of links that point to your main page. But how many links are pointing to your inner pages?

What is deep linking?

Deep links are backlinks that you create that point the inner pages of your site. No matter how big your site is, if you are not pointing links to your inner pages you are not getting the fullest benefit from your backlink strategies. Search engines consider deep linking to be links that are created naturally. The reason for this is because if a user finds a page that they found to be helpful and they wish to share it, it is unlikely that they will create a link that points to your main page. Instead they will create a link that points specifically to the page they found to be helpful.

That way they know that they are directing their visitors to the right information and won’t send their visitors off on a wild goose chase. It can be difficult to create deep links to your inner pages. Most directories will only include a link to your main page. And link exchanges with other webmasters generally involve receiving a link to your main page. Even if that is not the case, you most likely will not be allowed to create links to all of your inner pages with either method.

How do I create deep links?

When you create articles for reprint and distribution, you can use your author bio box to leave a link to one of your inner pages that is relevant to the article. Blog commenting and forum participation also provide you an opportunity to leave a link that is relevant to the post with your sig file or name. If you do a lot of commenting and article marketing then you should have plenty of opportunities to create deep links for a number of your inner pages.

Deep linking is important to incorporate into your backlink strategies. It is the way to give search engines a reason to produce your inner pages in search results as well as your main page. So, when creating your backlinks remember to provide deep links for your site also.

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