Why Companies Shouldn’t Cut SEO

The article concerns the following question – Why Companies Shouldn’t Cut SEO. The economy has clearly seen better days. No one is going to argue that point. But the fact is that many companies are taking this crunch as a sign to cut corners. Not a bad idea overall, clearly money needs to be saved somewhere, but SEO is not the place for it.

Why Companies Shouldn’t Cut SEO

Many companies are down playing the success of their SEO strategies to justify the cuts that they’re planning on making. The issue is, SEO has become such a huge part of marketing that many companies are actually finding themselves without anything useful left after these cuts. That’s why these companies should view this as a warning sign.

Instead of cutting SEO, the best strategy would be to revamp how the website is tailored. In times when spending is light, if you’re trying to sell a product, making the website appeal more to the buyer then the search engine is your best bet. This can actually increase your sales and also your ranking as your site becomes more and more relevant to those terms.

This is also the perfect time to differentiate your company from your competition. If all the other companies are making these cuts, now is the time to grab that number one position without having to pay through the nose for it. While many companies won’t be dropping the ball that hard, it’s likely that those who do stick with SEO will find the struggle a lot less difficult.

If you’re handling SEO for a company as a freelancer or as an outside service, you’re going to need to show your client exactly why they shouldn’t abandon SEO. After all, it is your livelihood. If you’ve provided them with a great service in the past, many clients will have trouble parting with you especially if you can show your past track record. There is going to be a big chance for people to make improvements in their SERP standing.

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