What’s Search Engine Optimization

The article concerns the question – What’s Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization is important when working online and trying to have a website that is important to your bottom line. Business websites can get a lot of website traffic or “visitors” to their site if they utilize proper search engine optimization.

What's Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is when you make sure you have quality content, keyword density, html title and tags, and you make sure and update all of your content often to keep it fresh so the search engines can tell you care about your site and you take enough time to update it. Search Engine Optimization is for all of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The more optimized your site is for your keywords, the better chance you have at getting free traffic from the se’s. For example, if your site is about selling hunting supplies, your keywords would obviously be “hunting” or “hunting supplies”. Then of course you could target other keywords such as the types of hunting equipment that you sell on your website. For example, you could add more pages that focus on your keyword such as “deer hunting supplies” or “quail hunting supplies”.

The point of getting the search engine traffic for free is it saves you thousands of dollars in potential advertising budget. If you can get the search engine traffic for free you will get customers without having to pay for the sales lead. If you want to get search engine traffic because your site is not properly optimized, you can pay for things such as google adwords and the yahoo advertising network. You will pay so many cents per click to get website visitors. These ads are alongside the free ads of the sites that have optimized their sites properly. These ads are expensive of course. They don’t always make you money either. So this would of course be risky if you had to take a loss financially.

So of course optimizing your site for the proper keywords is important. Also updating your site with fresh content is obviously important. If you have keywords you must implement them within your website and in the wording without mentioning the keywords too many times. Packing keywords together to gain search engine rankings is considered spam and will get you penalized in the search engines. If that happens, you’ll be lucky if you can find your site on the millionth page of results. Of course no one will ever click that far unless they are bored for hours and hours.

Now that you can see the importance of search engine optimization, it will be in your best interests to try it for your own site as best as you can. Making money and getting website visitors for as cheap as possible is the goal here. Any way you can increase your profits without investing more money is a success. Optimize your site for the search engines and you could have a golf mine right in front of your eyes with website visitors coming in droves without you having to pay a cent. That is the ultimate goal.

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