What to Expect From Your SEO Consultant

The article concerns the following question – What to Expect From Your SEO Consultant. Perhaps one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to choosing the right SEO consultant or firm is what you expect out of them. You want results from the consultant you choose, but what is the exact definition of ‘results’?

What to Expect From Your SEO Consultant

Many clients expect to see results immediately, and while SEO work doesn’t come with a disclaimer that ‘some results may vary’, perhaps it should. It’s not always an easy task to keep up with a client’s expectation, and there will always be clients who want more than what they’re currently getting. So, what can you expect from your SEO consultant?

What really matters is what you agree upon in the contract you sign with the firm. You’ll need to read through the contract thoroughly so you understand what the goals are your SEO consultant is trying to achieve. Are you working purely on traffic or conversions, or ROI? Or are you wanting a combination of these three? Depending on the contract, your SEO contract might not specifically define the expected results and will instead focus on the type of work which is being performed.

This is done to protect the SEO firm as they are performing a certain function, instead of work which is based on results. This keeps unfulfilled promises from coming back to bite the firm in the long run. You should understand the work which is going into your campaign and if the campaign isn’t working for you, you should cancel the contract and move on, instead of demanding something different be done, as the contract isn’t working for you to begin with.

Most clients hire their SEO firms under the impression that rankings will be a great indicator as to how well the consultant is performing. Your ranking is only part of the wayto measure how well your SEO consultant firm is working for you. You shouldn’t expect an instant result in top rankings for highly competitive phrases, and even moderate phrases can be a challenge for any SEO firm.

You should never expect a specific keyword to always rank well. Rankings constantly fluctuate, and your SEO consultant has no control over this. Overall, you should base your results on how well your site is known for a range of keywords and how much traffic you’re gaining weekly, or monthly. Just remember, SEO takes time.

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