What is a niche?

The article concerns the question – What is a niche? A product or service well suited for you, something that you know and love pretty well by experience. For example, I found my niche in providing information to help others with starting their own online business. I have always been the go-to-person, and I love helping others.

What is a niche?

Everyone knows something, a hobby, a skill you have acquired at work or in your personal life. There are many internet home business ideas out there. You just have to find them and use the many resources readily available on the internet.

Brainstorm Your Online Business Ideas

Ask yourself the questions below. Maybe the answers will help you look deeper within to find your website topic.

  • What product do you want to sell or promote?
  • What are you most passionate about?
  • What subject or topic do you have a lot of knowledge on?
  • What are you good at?

Now, put your answers on paper. What do you see? Did you discover a great idea for your site’s concept? Use the tips below to carry your thoughts even further.

Tips on Finding Your Niche

A good way to find your website’s theme is to:

  1. Make a list of your top interests or skills that you are truly passionate about.
  2. Then, narrow your list down to the top subjects where people have an emotional need for. Most make decisions on emotions, as they are desperately in need a solution to their problems.Your idea has to make life easier for others.
  3. Also, pick a subject where people are willing to spend money to solve their problems. People want to invest in something that will benefit them in the long run and again into a solution to their problems.

Here’s one more helpful tip. Let’s say you have chosen a topic that you are personally experiencing. Think about what is causing the problems in that particular subject and find the solution. You have first-hand experience with that subject, thereby giving you an upper hand and making it much easier to elaborate on.

Niche Marketing

I wanted to touch bases on this subject for a moment. Niche Marketing is serving a part of the market in a special area of demand. For example: weight loss can be narrowed down to a smaller market. Like weight loss supplements, weight loss programs, professional trainers or exercise.

Niche marketing is a very effective and cost efficient way to advertise and sell specific products or services to a specific audience. Keep this in mind when choosing your theme.

Is Your Idea to Broad or Narrow?

Perform a market research on your topic; you want to be sure it’s not too broad or narrow. If your topic is too broad you will have to put in a lot of work and money to win that market over. If it’s too narrow, finding relevant topics to write for your site concept can be a real challenge. It’s always nice to be somewhere in the middle.

Narrowing your site concept down to a specific part of a larger market gives you a better chance of winning that specific part of that market. Wordtracker is a good website to research the demand and competition for your topic’s keyword.

One Other Thought On Broader Markets

If your idea is too broad or competitive it could be a disadvantage, because that means strong competition. A large market is not always considered a good thing. What’s most important is if it will be profitable. You want a topic with high demand and less supply. Don’t get me wrong, you can go after a larger market, but you will have to put in more work to win that market over.


It’s better that your choose a niche that you both know and love, or it will be somewhat challenging to write about. So choose wisely. If you don’t know a lot about the subject, there needs to be a passion to want to learn more. Your site concept has to be something you are really interested in.

Also, the more specific you are about what you want to promote the better, as you have a better chance of winning that market over. Your product or service must be in demand and not too broad to take on. To broad means too much competition, which can make it even more difficult to win that market.

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