What is a blog?

The article concerns an interesting question – What is a blog? A Blog is basically an online journal that is updated on a regular basis. How often is up to you. Write for your own enjoyment or for the benefit of others. There are no rules.

What is a blog

Blogging has become increasingly popular as the Internet has grown. Blog sites have sprung up on just about every subject imaginable, where people can write or rant about whatever they feel passionate. The Internet has created the ability for anyone to engage in freedom of speech and expression.

Blogs have changed the way people get their news and information. Blog sites have reshaped the Internet, shaken up the journalistic world, had a huge impact on politics, forever altered the way corporations connect with customers and provided millions of people with an outlet to voice their opinions and be heard.

No longer are we the silent majority. We can all have our fifteen minutes of fame, as Andy Warhol so accurately predicted in 1968. Whether you live in Europe, Africa, Asia, middle America or the middle of nowhere, as long as you can connect to the Internet, you can have your say.

This freedom allows anyone with the desire to write, a forum for expressing themselves. Some like to blog for fun, others to make extra money in their spare time and there are even those who make their living blogging. Whatever the desire, it is fairly easy to get started.

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