Website Design Trends

The article gives an analysis of Website Design Trends. Designing a website involves great creativity and is extremely challenging. Everyone wants to create the most aesthetic website that helps in not just attracting visitor attention, but also retain it. Although it is difficult to limit website design ideas, here are a few website design trends that will help you to channelize your thoughts and come up with modern and user-friendly websites.

Website Design Trends

Website Design Trends are as follows:

Large headers and logos

Big is in! Websites with over-sized headers and logos are the latest website design trend today. Bold and creative headers ensure quick recall and also help is making a strong statement. Also, visitors do not have many options to click around, thereby ensuring that visitors spend more time on the website.


A difficult art to master, typography is still not used very frequently by web designers. Most designers do not like the idea of using varying fonts. However, if done well, typography can give an interesting and creative touch to the website and impress visitors. Visitors are tired of looking at loads of photographs and images. Thus, typography is increasingly becoming a widely followed website design trend among web designers and business owners.

Slab Typefaces

Slab typeface refers to text written in bold, capital letters. When combined with large headers, slab typeface can have a great imposing overall look and impact. E.g. The old Wild West “Wanted” posters.

Interactive Elements

The use of videos, animation etc. is become increasingly popular to keep visitors interested and retain their attention longer. It is a well-known fact that 80% visitors do not read the entire website content and just glance through it. To ensure that visitors get maximum information, the website design trend today is to incorporate interactive elements.

One-page Designs

These are especially for individual professionals or freelancers. One page websites are the latest web design trends among professional web designers. This helps them to display their work and also get in touch with potential clients. One page websites can be difficult to design as you will have to be very clear about what content to include and what to delete. One-page websites are the online version of business cards.

Large-size Images

A picture is worth thousand words. And a large size image can be worth thousand dollars, especially for ecommerce websites that are looking to showcase their products that have a lasting memory. Large size images are great marketing magnets and can capture visitor attention within a few seconds.

Magazine Style

For years together people are used to the standard magazine format. In 2011, web designers are looking to capitalize on this. Magazine styles are now increasingly used for fashion and infotainment websites. Several apparel ecommerce websites too are following this website design trend of using magazine styles.


Old is Gold, and the retro magic is back in its full glory. This is a difficult style to implement but can help to strongly define the company’s style statement and attitude. The retro style is making a strong comeback and is one of the most popular website design trends.

These are some of the latest web designing trends that has caught the attention of website makers and business owners. Using a few of these tips can certainly help you make a dynamic website.

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