Web Analytics Tools

In the article it is spoken about Web Analytics Tools. Any discussion about comprehensive web analysis eventually veers to acquiring a good web analytics tool. With the market crowded with so many tools, choosing the right one can be pretty difficult. In this post we will look at some of the leading web analytics tools and their major features.

Web Analytics Tools


Web analytics tools are essentially categorized as paid and free tools. Some of the major paid web analytics tools are as follows:

Omniture Sitecatalyst

One of the most expensive web analytics tools, Omniture Sitecatalyst is a product of Adobe. Used mainly by large organizations, Sitecatalyst provides some exclusive features like generating real-time data, range of custom variables, importing external data and creating paths and funnels on the fly. Sitecatalyst also provides extensive human support in implementing and generating reports.


Yet another enterprise premium web analytics tool, Webtrends provides unified digital analytics across web, social media and mobile platforms. It also offers features for optimization, testing, audience segmentation, targeting, mobile and social apps.


A product of IBM, Coremetrics is an enterprise web analytics tool that works on the page-tagging technology. Among the loads of features and metrics available, the highlight of Coremetrics is the sophisticated benchmarking feature that compares your website against your competitors and the overall industry.

Yahoo! Web Analytics

Formerly known as IndexTools, Yahoo! Web Analytics provides the advantage of generating highly customized reports that help web marketers to design exclusive marketing programs. Yahoo! Web Analytics is mainly used by business owners for its flexibility and customizable executive dashboards. Users can create multiple personalized dashboards per website for different needs.

Free Analytical Tools

Many small and medium business owners cannot afford paid web analytics tools. For such business owners, there are many free web analytics tools that can offer comprehensive reporting and analysis. Some of the leading free analytical tools are as follows:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, arguably the most popular and most widely used free web analytical tool, offers integration with Google AdWords and Website Optimizer. Such is the use of this tool that it is estimated that almost 50% of the top 10000 websites in the world use Google Analytics. The greatest advantage of Google Analytics is the ease of use and clean UI.


With StatCounter, users get almost all the basic services absolutely free of cost. However, the tool charges certain amount (between $9 to $119 per month) for advanced services. The basic service package covers almost all the major metrics like visits, popular pages, entry pages, traffic sources, keyword analysis, geographical segmentation, browser and ISP statistics.


Based on log file technology, AWStats provides graphical representation of advanced web, streaming, FTP or mail server statistics. AWStats can analyze server tools like Apache, WebStar, IIS and several other web, proxy, WAP, streaming, mail and FTP servers.

These are some of the major web analytics tools that you can use to generate in-depth analysis. A standard web analytics tool is critical to ensure you succeed in your web marketing efforts.

However, while choosing the tool, don’t forget to rope in a good web analytics professional who can make the right use of it. Buying the most expensive tool and handing it over to your tech guys is certainly a ‘crime against humanity’ according to Avinash Kaushik, the Google Analytics evangelist.

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