Using Twitter in Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts

The article is about Using Twitter in Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts. Social networks are growing at an enormous rate, which can be a very good thing for affiliate marketing.  With more and more people joining Twitter, you can grow your business through your tweets – IF you do it right.  The more strategies you can learn to use in your affiliate marketing efforts, the more success you will see.  Here are a few tips for using Twitter to market your products/services.

Using Twitter in Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts


Make Sure Your Tweets are Relevant to Your Followers

The biggest mistake you can make when using Twitter for marketing purposes is to throw out affiliate links if this is not something you normally do.  When the conversation is relevant, that is the best time to recommend a product or service.  Never appear overly eager or as if you are sitting in the background waiting to pounce on your next victim!

If someone asks for opinions or help to locate something they need and you have the solution, be involved in the conversation personally and don’t just randomly throw affiliate links out there; you will look like a spammer, and likely lose some of your followers.  Spamming is a HUGE turn-off.

Recommend Products/Services You Have Actually Used Yourself

It’s important to build a personal, trusting relationship in affiliate marketing, both with your list and with those who follow your blogs, tweets, and other content.  The easiest way to increase conversions and have people trust you and your opinion is to use the product yourself.  What will happen if you recommend a product/service that is pure junk?  You will lose credibility with your Twitter followers.  Be genuine and honest for the best results.

Recommend Affiliate Products Subtly

While on certain occasions it is okay to tweet an affiliate link directly, the best solution is to link to a page on your blog or website that links to the affiliate product.  On Twitter, your tweets are limited to 140 characters, so you don’t have space to offer a review or opinion; in linking to your blog or website, you can offer the reader much more information and advice that will help them in making a decision about whether your product/service is right for their problem or need.

Don’t Overdo It

While this doesn’t apply only to Twitter, it’s generally best if you don’t overdo it with pushing your affiliate products.  Affiliate marketing is about gently persuading your reader or follower that your product is the solution to their need.  When you constantly bombard your list or your Twitter followers with affiliate links and sales pitches, you will quickly turn them off, which means you’re likely to lose them.  Always offer helpful tips and information more often than a sales pitch.

Twitter can be a great marketing tool when used in the right manner.  As long as you join in the conversation, offer help and guidance, and don’t spam your followers with constant affiliate links, it can be one of the best strategies in your affiliate marketing plan.

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