True Success In Three Simple Principles

In this article I’ll tell you about True Success In Three Simple Principles. I know why you are watching this video; you want to be successful in your business, you want to be successful in your life and you want to be successful in your day to day activities. I was like you and I had a lot of struggles when I first started my online business and the reason that I had a lot of struggles was that I was not following one of the principles that I knew would get me a lot more success in my life and my business.

True Success In Three Simple Principles

Over time I have actually started tweaking some of the principles and I have come up with what I call the “E.N.T.”  And no I am not talking about TNT but “E.N.T.”. This stands for:

E – Education

N – Networking

T – Teaching

Those are the three principles and the three daily activities that you need to do on a daily basis to become truly successful.  Let’s start talking about Education:


What did you do today, what did you learn today that you did not know yesterday? Have you picked up a book today and read a chapter on self growth? Have you gone on the internet today and learned how to do a new skill? Every single day, you need to take at least one hour, yes one hour a day (you have 24 of them) and focus on self growth. Educating your mind, and it could be just as I am describing, just reading a chapter out of a book that is on self growth or success principles, something that is going to move you further away from what you knew yesterday; a step forward.


This is actually where I started struggling from the very beginning, I thought that since I was working at home, I could sit behind this computer, and this computer; I would be able to just watch the dough roll in. I realized that was not going to be the case, I realized that I could not be successful in life by myself, and if you think you are going to be successful and not have anyone around you that is successful, or no one help you get to obtain success; I am sorry to be the one to tell you that you are not going to be able to do it by yourself.

You are going to need other people around you that are being successful as well. Think about this for a second, if you want to be successful, if you want to be different that what you were yesterday, what are you doing differently? Yesterday you may have sat on the couch and ate bon-bons all day and watched soap operas or even watched ESPN for twelve hours, where did it get you? Great you may know the game scores, but did it really get you any further, any closer to true success?

What you really need to do is, really start networking and having conversations, very honest and open conversations with people that are already successful. Start networking and start attracting people to you based on what you are looking to obtain. I am not saying that you need to go and ditch all your friends but what I am saying is to start networking with certain people that will allow you to educate yourself more, and help you get to the next level. The level that you are looking to obtain; now the last part of E.N.T. is Teaching.


You have educated your mind, by one hour a day, you have started networking with very powerful people, and people that can help you get to true success. The final stage is teaching others. You may not want to teach, but for true success, and to be a true leader in your business, in your industry, and in your life, you need to be able to take your education and your resources and help others; for free.  Yes I did say for free. You need to be able to have a conversation with somebody, and educate them on different programs, or different ways of doing things, teaching them and helping them learn new skills.

Most important is to inspire them to E.N.T., the same exact thing that you are doing. Education; you need to inspire them to obtain more education. You need to inspire them to start networking with other people as well. In turn, inspire them to teach someone else, do you see a pattern? Educate, Network, Teach and then start all over.

Those are some steps that will help you obtain true success.

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