Traditional MBA Vs Online MBA

That article is about Traditional MBA Vs Online MBA. With more and more professionals seeking to enroll in an online MBA program to add value to their resume, a number of established business schools have started offering distance learning programs that are suited to meet the demands of working students.

Traditional MBA Vs Online MBA

These programs concentrate on equipping the students with necessary skills that will make them a source of value addition to any business. Joining an online MBA program is an excellent idea for freelancers and other people who have a home office and want to acquire the necessary credentials in managerial control and business administration so as to prepare themselves for further career advancement and a matching pay scale.

Gone are the days when the corporate world ascribed importance solely to the MBA programs offered by on site business schools and campus based universities. In the present times, a number of online business schools offer distance learning MBA programs that enjoy accreditation by various regional agencies, The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), making them at par with traditional MBA courses,. Today, these courses are as much sought after in the corporate sector as regular MBA programs and command almost the same pay package.

If you are still caught between the choice of a traditional MBA program and an online Masters in Business Administration degree, we can make this decision easier for you by listing the similarities and differences between the two. Though both courses seek to make business leaders out of students, be it a fresher or an experienced professional, they are poles apart when it comes to their approach towards the same. To begin with, both online and traditional MBA programs offer an advanced and integrated course that is aimed at training and preparing the students to take on any challenge in the field of business management.

You can even draw similarities between the study materials used for both the courses. However, the difficulty level may vary with the traditional courses undertaking an in depth study of various aspects of business management, and there might be a lack of professional training on the web.

Yet another similarity between both the programs is that they require students to attend lectures, be it in a classroom or in an oline group chat session, during which they need to assimilate the information offered by the professor and use the same to work on group projects as well as individual assignments. Thus, both programs offer an opportunity to the students to interact with each other and form mutually beneficial association. However, traditional programs can simulate the real life business scenario more closely than a distance learning program.

Coming to the differences between online and traditional MBA program, the obvious difference is that of flexibility. While online programs do not require the student to travel to the campus or to stay on it during the tenure of the course, this is a basic necessity for traditional programs. Along with that, online programs can be tailored to fit into the lifestyle of the student so that he or she does not have to choose between education and family or work. In addition, online MBA programs are much more pocket friendly.

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