Top 5 Internet Marketing Businesses

This article tells you about Top 5 Internet Marketing Businesses. Internet marketing also known as online marketing, i-marketing, e-marketing or web marketing is the marketing modus operandi used online by the companies to sell goods and services directly to customers as well as those who operate on a business-to-business basis. This is a very widely used tool today. It is very lucrative as well. Businesses are profiting a lot by these. The top five money-making businesses are:

Top 5 Internet Marketing Businesses

Pay per Click or PPC as it is commonly called, is an internet advertising model used on search engines, advertising networks and content sites, in which the advertisers pay the host whenever their ad is clicked. Websites that utilize PPC ads exhibit an advertisement when a keyword enquiry matches an advertiser’s keyword list, or when a content site displays relevant content. Then the payment is made. With the PPC business, it takes money to make money. Therefore it is profitable only for those who are financially secure.

E-mail marketing is again a very commercial business. E-mail marketing is a means of direct marketing which uses e-mails as a means of communicating business-related or fundraising messages to a target audience. These e-mails are sent with the view of enhancing the relationship of the vendor with existing customers for repeat business, or to new and prospective customers to acquire them.

Firms worldwide are spending considerable sums of money on e-mail marketing. It is a very low cost means of attracting potential customers. Return on Investment (ROI) can be easily measured. There is a risk though with this, many people who are not interested in this particular offer might directly delete the mail without going through the details. Also there is no way of ascertaining whether a particular person would be fascinated by this particular e-mail or not.

Membership sites are one more avenue. The profit potential with these is just obvious. Instead of a single, one-time payment, the marketer makes money over and over again. As long as the marketer gives the customer something worth-while to try, the marketer makes heaps of money. Membership sites could include forums, free content sites, etc. There are no set rules here, as long as the marketer provides people with what they want, they are willing to pay for access.

Electronic Product Creation and marketing is another gainful venture. The marketer promotes another company’s products. As long the company’s products meet a specific quality standard, there is no risk involved. The marketer just needs to have a way with words and some time on hand and big bucks are made.

Niche Marketing involves targeting a small portion of a large market. Though they are a very small segment, but they are also the most profitable ones. Elite people all belong to niches.

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