The Value of an Online MBA vs. a “real life” MBA

This article is about The Value of an Online MBA vs. a “real life” MBA. In the world of today, earning an MBA degree has become one of the most popular options for students as well as working professionals as it gives them a competitive edge in being able to gain a head start in life. With the overall popularity of online MBA courses, it is not at all surprising to find that many universities and other colleges are offering students an online degree option.

The Value of an Online MBA vs. a "real life" MBA

Although many students see the benefits of availing such an online MBA degree, there are certain others that are still apprehensive in regards to whether the education being offered by such online degrees could compare to traditional education received from a brick and mortar university.

Many working professionals are concerned as to the quality of education they would receive from such online degrees. In spite of the fact that online education has been around for many years, students are reluctant to go about choosing any such a degree.

Such concerns of working professionals, regarding whether their online degree would be valid at the time of searching for a job, are real as there are certain business that still prefer students having earned their degrees directly from campus universities. So does this imply that online MBA degrees are not as valued as “real-life” degrees?

There have been many surveys conducted showing that employers are immensely concerned with such online degrees solely because they assume it to be a fake, something that drags the value of all online degrees down. Due to the high number of demands by various businesses across the country, there is an additional pressure on hiring only the best students from the most prestigious universities.

As such, many fake colleges create their own online degrees that are in no way accredited or even recognized by the Department of Education. If as a student, you pass out from any such “fake” universities, no employer would be willing to hire you due to the fact that your degree does not hold good. In fact, most employers are capable of identifying whether a degree is fake or not.

When deciding to opt for any type of online MBA degree, the most important thing you as a student must verify is the accreditation of the university. Make sure that the university or online college to which you are going to apply is properly accredited by specific regional accrediting authority. An accredited online school would automatically earn respect for any online degrees they offer, as such, resulting in an increase in the number of students applying for such courses.

When compared to a traditional degree pursued from a university, the fees associated with such an online degree are substantially less. Although a reputed school would often charge more, it is worth it when it comes to securing a job in the business world. In terms of education, the curriculum of an online degree is similar to a traditional MBA degree.

In short, the online MBA degree is equally respectable to an MBA degree a student can pursue from campus-based schools. All one has to remember is that online course should be accredited and the school should have a good reputation.

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