The Four Keys

In this article I’ll tell you about The Four Keys. Speaking on a wide spectrum, all income generating online business concepts fall into one of the following categories:

The Four Keys

– Selling Products

– Selling Services

– Online Training

– Telecommunications

– Publishing and Information

Your idea of starting an online business could be completely innovative or one that has been used before and yet is simply outstanding thanks to your performance. Simplicity of technology is eventually your key to minting money online. Following are the four basic components that you need to capitalise on to maximise money making online:

A product or service that you desire to sell

Today there are millions of products online that you can sell to make money. These could be physical products or informational products. Physical products are tangible things that can be seen and touched. Things like automobiles, mobile phones, tools etc. fall into this category. Informational products are ones that are intangible and cannot be seen or touched like newsletters, blogs, eBooks, reports, music, videos or even information services.

The expenditure of marketing and selling a physical product is much more than that of an informational product that is a digitalised version and requires only internet access to be sold or transferred. Hence, to make better money, it is important that you deal with informational products more than physical goods.

Setting up and operating required online technologies

Dealing with informational products requires a proper technological infrastructure that can help you to store, present, collect for, sell, track or ship the product. Instead of paying a huge amount for hiring a webmaster or tiding over the tedious task of learning it yourself, you can get for yourself a complete online business engine that will manage everything for you – hosting, automated URL registration, headline generator, webpage audio, email autorepsonder, traffic tracking, and much more!

Driving the prospective traffic to your websites

This is the most important part of setting up your entire online business package. You need to spend nearly all your time on diverting the prospective traffic to your websites and only this can then bring in for you good money. Try to spend less attention on learning the technologies and focus more on lashing them in on to your online business arena. Keeping your technologies simple, automated and integrated will help you concentrate more on the traffic diversion and also reap in more customers for you.

Converting the traffic into customers and later into money

This is the crucial juncture of your online business – the point where you actually convert all your prospective leads into customers. Luring in them to buy your products and services is the main goal of setting up your business and for this you need to use the best technology available. Outdated and obsolete ways could hamper your chances to make a fortune out of your online business.

Use a good online account system to help customers pay in quickly and also arrange for proper transfer of the goods online. Only satisfied customers will keep pouring in again and again to your website and this will ensure good traffic for you in the future.

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