The Art of Blogging: Attracting and Satisfying Readers

In this article we will be discussing The Art of Blogging: Attracting and Satisfying Readers. Blog writing can be both fulfilling and profitable. The blog is one of the best ways that a writer can express himself, and it can be on any topic or idea that catches his attention. It allows for freedom of expression and is a good tool for reaching people with similar interests.

The Art of Blogging: Attracting and Satisfying Readers

An interesting web page can also generate revenue from advertisements or sales. It is essential, however, to make your blog accessible to readers and internet surfers from across the globe. A website, no matter how interesting it may be, is of no use to people who do not know that it exists.

Here are a few tips on how to substantially increase the flow of traffic to your site:


Write Quality Posts

Write about something that deeply interests you. Being passionate about a certain topic resonates in the writing output and captures the interest of the readers. Having extensive knowledge on the subject, coupled by research and personal experience, is a sure way of producing a blog entry that is both engaging and informative. You are telling a story to your readers, and writing about something that bores you will reflect on the quality of your article.

In writing personal blogs, it is tempting to neglect quality and to focus on just translating thoughts into written words. While a good idea is essential in creating a quality post, you should also take into consideration the basic writing guidelines. Make sure that every paragraph you are writing supports the main topic. The flow of the article must be clear and should make sense to the reader. Needless to say, grammar and spelling checks need to be done on every single article that you write.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization increases the possibility of having a good rank in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. People tend to look at the first few websites that come up after using keyword searches, and having a good rank exposes your website or blog to more potential readers. Make sure that the articles you post are rich in keyword content, but keep in mind that they should still be of good quality.

The Power of Social Media

Once the article has been posted online, the next step is to attract readers to your blog page. The best way of letting people know about your site is to advertise or promote using social media. Create a Facebook and Twitter account, and start building subscribers and followers. They could include friends, family members, or targeted people who share common interests. Keep your contacts interested by frequently posting relevant information or updates that will make them take a second look. Avoid too much self-promotion and over-posting; these tend to drive away a good number of users. Most people want to keep their timelines spam-free.

Encourage Comments and Interaction

The end of the article does not have to be the end of your interaction with your readers. Encourage them to leave comments about your posts, and reply to these comments. A great way of doing this is to end the article by asking an open-ended question or by writing about a topic that will stimulate debate. Ask questions that will allow your readers to answer simply and not something that would require them to do further research. Take the time to thank your readers for the comments that they leave, and reward them by allowing them to post their own sites or social media addresses. Customer interaction encourages readers to come back to your site and may even promote it to other potential readers.

Readers who become interested with the way you write and the topics that you write about tend to become “repeat customers” and have a bigger probability of visiting your site frequently. They also have the power of influencing and attracting more readers and can recommend your site by sharing it using their own social media tools. The key to having a high number of visitors on your site is attracting and maintaining satisfied readers.

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