Supercharge Your List Building Efforts with These Easy Tips

In the article I’ll tell you about why it is important to Supercharge Your List Building Efforts with These Easy Tips. List building can be a slow process, but you know it is a necessity if you want a successful, profitable business.  In your list building efforts, it is important that you cover all of your bases, allowing plenty of opportunities for someone to sign up to your list.  If you have a single squeeze page and nothing else, it’s time to add a few more tactics to your marketing arsenal.

Supercharge Your List Building Efforts with These Easy Tips


Place an opt-in box on your site to build your list

Many people opt for just a single squeeze page where all a visitor can do is either give you their e-mail address and name or leave the page.  If you feel that placing an opt-in box in the sidebar of your blog or website won’t be effective, you may be surprised!

Some people find that a website that offers a free giveaway or newsletter is more authentic than one that just offers a hard sell.  Place an opt-in box on every page of your website or blog, and your list will grow twice as fast.

List building using split testing

Sometimes it’s necessary to tweak a few things in order to get the most people to sign up to your list.  You might want to try sending visitors of your articles to two different squeeze pages to determine which one works best.

Also, you may want to try different “freebies” or offers on your squeeze page to see which one is most attractive and persuades more people to sign up.

Get them to sign up with an original freebie

Many people give away free reports in order to get visitors to sign up to their list.  The problem with using a report that you have found online is that it may be the same old thing your visitors have seen time and time again.  To capture their interest, write a short report yourself.  You know it will be unique, and that the information contained is tightly targeted to your niche.

List building really isn’t that hard, but sometimes it requires a few little tweaks and tests here and there to determine what works best to build your list fast.

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