Steps To Taking Home Business Online 1: Why, What and How

In the article it is spoken about Steps To Taking Home Business Online 1: Why, What and How. Internet marketing for small business can be looked at in two categories:

  • Taking advantage of one or more of the existing methods of online earning and making a living from it; or
  • Taking your existing traditional home based small business and giving it an online presence.

Steps To Taking Home Business Online 1: Why, What and How

Having an online presence or choosing which aspect of internet marketing to start earning from can be very confusing. For most, it is about putting your products on ebay while for others it is a click and get paid system. It therefore becomes necessary for the two categories of intending marketers to have a clear understanding of this concept.

Internet Marketing

Wikipedia defines; Internet Marketing, also known as web marketing, online marketing, webvertising, or e-marketing, is referred to as the marketing (generally promotion) of products or services over the internet.

In simple terms, Internet Marketing can be said to be using the internet to communicate a message about a product or services, conduct research about the preferences and needs of potential or existing customers and selling goods, services or advert space to these customers through the internet.

The What, Why and How Of Internet Marketing

Before embarking on a new project (a project can be thought of as every small business), every marketer should find answers to these three questions:

  • WHAT: What is the product or service that you want to promote.
  • WHY: Why are you promoting the product or service; Is it for the purpose of providing information, solving a problem or providing a service.
  • HOW: This has to do with which online marketing models to use as a platform and since there are a lot of different models to choose from, one need only to know which particular one suits their combined strength and weaknesses.

Having answered these questions, we then consider what is is mostly referred to as a “Sales Funnel”.

What is a Sale Funnel?

A “Sale Funnel” can be better explained with the analogy of a sieve that helps to separate unwanted stuffs from the wanted ones and then concentrate the wanted stuff in a particular place. At the top of the funnel are all kind of stuffs but as you go downwards the unwanted ones are being removed and the stuffs that finally get to the narrowest part of the funnel are the desired ones.

The basic process of earning money online is:

  • Finding the goods or service that people are willing to pay for – What to SELL.
  • A platform to promote these goods or service – A WEBSITE
  • Directing potential buyers to the sales platform – TRAFFIC

These three are the components of the Sale Funnel. 

The first step of the sales funnel is to filter out what product or services we want to sell. Then, the website through which we want to sell the product from and finally help to sort out those who really need the product and direct them to our webpage.

We will now take an indepth look at the components of the sale funnel.

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