Starting Internet Business

This article is about Starting Internet Business. is here not only for people who are looking for new ideas and better ways to operate an Internet venture, but also for those who are just thinking about diving into their own online business. We’ve spoken to many people who are ready to unleash their bank accounts in an effort to launch a website. However, one common issue, if not resolved, is the primary difference between those who will be showered in success and those who find themselves staring at a blank, white, lonely web page. What is that issue?

Starting Internet Business

Perhaps the best way to describe the problem and its solution is to start by answering a very common question that is asked of all successful Internet entrepreneurs. Thus far, nearly 80% of the questions that we’ve received to our blog are a different variation of this same question, namely, “How do I get rich on the internet?”

Is It Really Possible?

Once anyone discovers that I own and operate numerous web sites, family members, friends, and sometimes even total strangers on the street ask me how to get rich on the Internet. In general, I respond with another question, “Is it possible to get rich on the internet?” Of course, the short answer is ABSOLUTELY! Then, I sit down with the interested party to begin outlining the tasks involved to get things rolling.

After about 15 minutes of details, I am invariably interrupted. Have you ever seen a deer staring into the headlights? I have. That’s about the time my pupil responds, “But that is a lot of work, and it will take of lot of time.” After this happened about a couple dozen times I realized that many people have the wrong idea about what it means to run a business online.

What Does An Internet Business Owner Do?

When people I meet start talking about opening an online business, they usually share their stunning visions of running a laptop for just a few minutes per day from a cushy lounge chair in the sun drenched Caribbean while a beachside server supplies a steady stream of frozen sundries served in coconut shells sporting little blue umbrellas. Of course, the vision continues with their offshore bank account growing at an exponential rate. Well, I hate to burst your coconut, but that’s not going to happen out of the gate.

Where did people get this vision? Many deceptive advertisers lure the uninformed into eye-catching schemes by portraying the internet in this light. They wouldn’t sell many of their, “Do Nothing at All and Make $1 Million Online” packages if they listed the following points in their ads:

  • You may need to work long hours for months or sometimes even years part time before you can produce enough income to quit your day job;
  • If you don’t have the time to dedicate to your business or the technical ability to do it yourself, you will have to invest money to hire experts to do the work for you;
  • Creating a website is just a very small step required to make an internet business successful;
  • It is possible that you won’t create a profitable internet business on your first attempt as on average third time is the charm;
  • In order to create a website that will be profitable year after year you have to treat it just like any other business by writing Business plans, keeping budgets, doing research, making goals, etc.

There Is No “Easy Button”.

  1. I’m guessing I have lost about half of the people that started reading this post by now. You see, most folks don’t want to hear that it takes time and hard work to create a profitable business online. They want to press one of those Staples “Easy Buttons,” like the ones in the TV commercial, to get the money rolling in.

The overall attitude toward online businesses is so tainted that some of my neighbors think my husband and I are involved in some type of criminal activity. We are two people that don’t have to go to a job, we live in a stately home, have new cars, go on vacations on a whim, and spend most of our working days inside the house.  When we tell people that we run internet businesses, they just raise an eyebrow and we know they are thinking we are involved in some type of illegal get rich quick scheme.

Sometimes I have to politely decline invitations to social events because my work schedule is just too full.  When I use work as a reason to decline, once again I get that raised eyebrow. One woman was even so bold as to say to me, “But I thought you made lots of money on the internet.” I explained to her that I do have internet businesses but I end up working as many if not more hours per week than I did when I worked for a corporation.

I could tell by her reaction that my explanation was discounted by her biased view of internet entrepreneurs. I’ll bet she thinks I spend my days sending out spam to promote the latest male enhancement pill or some foreign pharmacy. Little does she know that I work very hard doing the same activities that many brick and mortar business owners do, namely marketing, advertising, bookkeeping, payroll, research, etc.

Fortunately the powers of the internet (Google and the other major search engines) are working very hard to eliminate the illegal, unethical, and deceptive internet businesses. Spam removal software is making it difficult, and hopefully soon impossible, for the criminals to invade our inboxes with toxic waste. By contrast, we are working toward an internet that will be a virtual trip down Main Street USA that will present a variety of offerings by real business owners who will be respected for their skill and efforts as entrepreneurs.

Why Should You Start An Internet Business?

By now, you must be asking yourself why anyone would want to start an internet business if it requires so much work and tenacity to make it successful. That is certainly a fair question. From my point of view, the reasons to become an internet entrepreneur are exactly the same as the reasons for becoming an entrepreneur in any industry:

  • Entrepreneurs make the rules rather than following someone else’s rules;
  • Entrepreneurs set their own schedules;
  • There’s more freedom in terms of taking vacations and personal time;
  • Entrepreneurs don’t have to answer directly to a boss or supervisor;
  • They can build a team of professionals and employees that help them achieve the goals they want to reach;
  • They are in complete control of how much money they make. The earning potential is truly unlimited;
  • You can choose what you want to work on and hire others to do the work you don’t want to do or that isn’t the best use of your time.

For those of you that are still reading…Congratulations! You were attracted by the title of this article and you continued to dig deeper despite my suggestion that you need to work to make it happen online. Will you get rich quick? That depends on your definition of quick. Would you like to build the life you really desire faster than you can by working for someone else your whole life? Then you’re on the right road.

When you are prepared to roll up your sleeves, you will succeed by setting realistic and obtainable goals and by approaching your internet enterprise with the right attitude. All of the information that you need to make that your reality is available here on Ask us questions. Read our posts. Make an entrepreneurs salary — which can be lots of coconuts! When you are willing to learn, work smart and focus on your business, you will be amazed at where the internet can take you.

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