Sometimes a Failed Affiliate Marketing Campaign Can Be Useful

Do You Know That Sometimes a Failed Affiliate Marketing Campaign Can Be Useful. The true key to success in anything, affiliate marketing included, is persistence. The cases of “instant success” are the ones where some lucky Joe just blunders into an open niche and gets stupidly rich are – in all likelihood – preceded by a string of failures. Nobody really gets it right the first time.

Sometimes a Failed Affiliate Marketing Campaign Can Be Useful

Even if you have been at it a while and had a lot of successes, you’re bound to eventually encounter a failed start. Even though you’ve spent all kinds of time and energy during research and development, you sell a dud. Every so often, duds waiting to happen will get through. As long as it wasn’t such a spectacular failure that you’re off to the poor house, you can get something from it.

An Example:  A Blocked Affiliate Link

Let’s say, for example, that you create an affiliate link that a person can post in their blog. During the testing phase, it makes bank. Everyone gets excited about the idea, and you decide to sell this product. At first, everything goes well. The next thing you know, your customer support desk starts sending up complaints that the program doesn’t work. Eventually, you find out that the blog server is blocking your software.

Now, since you promised a money back guarantee, you find yourself having to pay everyone back. You try to save the project, but nothing seems to work. Eventually, the whole project closes down. What have you learned from this incident?

Dealing with a Failed Affiliate Campaign

First, you will have to be completely honest with yourself. Be impartial, and closely look into the various elements of the affiliate campaign to find out where the problem happened. Then you need to find out if the problem can be fixed.

What exactly went wrong with this example project? In this particular scenario, it wasn’t taken into account during planning that the blog server was going to shut you out. It’s definitely a situation that is easily unforeseen. You can hardly ever guess how another company is going to react to your project, especially if it doesn’t negatively affect them.

Recovering from a Bad Project Launch

Now, you need to see if you can fix the problem. Of course, this should have happened before your project launch was shut down. In this particular example, changes in the software could have been made, or the linking URL could have been changed. If you had to shut down everything, then there’s nothing that could have been done.

If this is the case, if you can’t save your project, it’s time to draw a lesson from this failure. For most people, this is the hardest part. In the example I made, the obvious lesson is that eventually a blog will block affiliate links. That’s useful information to use for future projects.

By learning from flopped projects this way, you can improve your chances in the future for continued success. Of course, if you don’t learn from these events, you run a risk of making the same mistake. By recognizing and applying the newfound knowledge for the future, you become empowered for greater things.

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