Small Business Website Design

In the article it is spoken about Small Business Website Design. The first step for launching your business online is to make a quality and well-optimized website. However, most small business owners are reluctant to take this step for the fear of incurring high web designing costs and low ROI.

Small Business Website Design

A few simple guidelines can help business owners in small business website design at minimal costs. They are as follows:


Before you start the process of small business website design, first decide and plan the exact purpose of your website. Decide whether you want your small business website design to be a full-fledged ecommerce website targeting direct sales or whether you want to increase your customer base through registration forms and sign ups.


Depending upon the purpose, plan the navigation and flow of the small business website design. Have a definite structure for website. Also, decide the different elements you wish to incorporate before you start the designing process. This makes designing systematic, easy and fast.

Relevant information

Your website is the first point of interaction with your customer. Make sure that the first impression is positive and lasting. Your small business website design must provide complete and relevant information about your products and services. Customers will make a decision depending upon the information that you provide.

Easy access

Don’t make your customers work hard to look for information.  Your small business website design must be such that visitors can access details about any product or service within 2-3 clicks. Any more efforts will lead to frustration and loss of interest.

Over reliance on Flash

Although Flash websites look great and extremely aesthetic, flash websites often fail to generate conversions or sales. Also, many users still do not have flash installed on their computers, which gives an impression that there is a problem with the website. Thus, small business website design can refrain from using web technologies like flash.


Be very careful in choosing a font for your text. If you are not too sure, then hire a professional web designer to do it for you. Incorrect fonts can completely transform the look of your website and in turn make your business look unprofessional and crass.

Align Text

Make sure that your text is aligned evenly on both sides of the paragraphs. Preferably the text should be left aligned. This makes your website look more professional and crisp.

Great Copy

Copy is an integral part of web designing and must be looked at very closely. Your copy must crisp, clear and concise. Also, it should drive the visitors to take the necessary action. Double check the copy for any grammatical or spelling errors. This is the last thing you want to have on your website. Make no mistake that typos, grammatical and spelling errors will drive away your visitors forever.


Although, companies often overdo the SEO element, it is necessary to have small business website design with a bit of SEO in mind. Today, SEO is the backbone of online marketing and designers must design keeping this fact in mind.

These are a few tips that can help small business owners start their website designing process.

To help small business owners, there are several web design and development companies that specialize in designing websites for small business. Most of them offer affordable small business website design plans that provide quality aesthetics and advanced features.

With the development of advanced website building tools, business owners can also now design and develop a website, all by themselves.

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