SEO Webhosting: What is it?

The article touches upon the issue of SEO Webhosting: What is it? If you have been doing your research around the web, I’m sure that you came across the term “SEO Hosting.” If you do not know what that term means, SEO webhosting is a new phrase being thrown around in certain webmaster circles. Although the phrase might seem new, the service has been offered for a very long time.

SEO Webhosting: What is it

An SEO web host provides clients with multiple class C IP addresses, as well as multiple name servers on dedicated servers. What this affects is within the search engines; SEO web hosting allows the companies to be more in control and makes their clients domains seem as though they are separate web properties. With this, web hosting filters will not have an effect on the domain rankings.

To put this into simpler terms, let’s just say that your website currently has 10 back links directed at your site from 10 different domains, with 6 of those back links originating from sites that have the exact same C-Class IP. Google will then take all of this information into consideration and will do the following:

  • Give penalties to either all of some of the sites that are involved with this
  • Discount the links that happen to share the same IP
  • They will simply ignore the links, and will not give any penalties out, but they also may not give out any benefits.

Through the use of a SEO web hosting plan, you can spread out your websites and links around to a large number of separate and original IP addresses. All the above mentioned penalties that can possibly be incurred through the wrath of Google can be avoided. It really all comes down to the diversification of your overall web presence, allowing for an unbiased view of your links and sites.

There are other advantages to using SEO web hosting. Search engines have multiple versions of their sites and rankings for different countries. A site that ranks at the top for the United States might not rank the same for the Philippines. Through the spread of name servers and IP addresses across multiple countries as well, you give your web sites a better chance to highly on each.

Using SEO web hosting is an established method for long term stability in the search engines. Spreading your portfolio of sites across the many different class C IP addresses is an age old way to leave a smaller imprint on search engines for interconnecting links.

The companies which offer SEO web hosting develop unique accounts on a variety of different companies, which let the owner of the hosting plan to host various websites under one account. They are able to do this while still keeping up the appearance of geographically detached websites to the search engines.

At first, many of these tools may seem like overkill. As your online presence continues to expand though, you will soon realize the relevant costs and need for SEO webhosting.

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