Revenue Generating Web Design

The following article gives information on Revenue Generating Web Design. Designing a website is not easy, especially if you want to generate revenue from it. Revenue generating websites do not sell any product or service but in-turn help others to sell their products and services. Revenue generating websites act as a marketing platform and reach an increasing number of target customers.

Revenue Generating Web Design

It is important to follow a few golden rules that will help you design a website that boasts great design along with revenue-generating potential.

The following are some of the most important points to follow:

1. Plan carefully: Make a detailed plan about the various components that you want to feature on your revenue generating website and what is the best way to present it to visitors as well as to your potential advertisers.

2. Make Sections: It is important to segment the entire website content into theme-based sections or categories. This makes the content extremely well-organized and easy to scan. Also, it becomes easy to divert targeted traffic from banner ads or paid search advertising directly to a particular section, which increases ad relevancy and in turn conversions for your revenue generating websites.

3. Sections also make it easy for website owners to sell advertising spaces to a range of advertisers. For e.g. On a travel website, the content can be divided into sections like tours, currency conversion, entertainment etc. Thus, this allows the website owner to provide ad spaces on the currency converter space to financial institutions and theater owners to advertise on the entertainment pages.

4. This makes advertising more relevant and targeted for the revenue generating websites and has a higher chance of attracting more conversions.

5. Fresh & Relevant Content: Having fresh, original and relevant content under the various categories ensures a steady stream of traffic to all your sections and pages. It is a good idea to rope in a good content writer (beware, there are many who deliver a lot of crap) who can contribute informative articles on the said topics.

These are some of the most crucial factors that will certainly help you in making a high revenue generating website.

Online advertising has become the preferred form, vis-à-vis advertising in newspapers and magazines. Internet advertising can be much more effective, targeted and more significantly measurable.

With the help of some simple web tools you can measure the daily number of visitors, their source, daily conversions and several other metrics.

Thus, designing a revenue generating website can certainly make you richer, if you do it right for once.

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