Professional Blogging

The article gives an analysis of Professional Blogging. A professional blog is a blog controlled from start to the finish by blogger. Usually housing (installed) on your own hosting and linking to your domain. That is, in a server (or part thereof) controlled by us and under one management type.

Professional Blogging



1. Professionalism: A custom design, professional and appropriate to the theme of the blog is the equivalent of having good offices in the downtown. It gives a different picture, with much more credibility.

2. Personalization: You can do practically anything to display on any other site.

3. Identity online: you control your own website and can decide to sell books, offer courses, advertising or to implement any ideas, without the restrictions of free blog providers.

4. E-Pro: The availability of “” (it is much more professional than to have a direction from Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail).


1. Cost: If you do not understand the technologies involved, engage the services of a company that offers design services and web development to address the system configuration, software installation, to have adequate systems to house and provide all Furthermore, a design tailored to our blog (using a predesigned template, we run the risk of sounding like so many other internet blogs, and miss the opportunity that our blog has personality)

2. Hosting, domain and email: There are maintenance costs associated with our blog: a web server (computer) connected to the Internet where to host the files and programs needed, this is called a hosting service or web hosting, domain and providing the email service from your own domain (Example:

It is important to maintain a certain frequency in the creation of new content. It does not matter exactly whether daily, weekly or monthly, but frequency should be set and maintained. If a blog is not updated for a while, it gives an impression of being abandoned and that makes the visitors lose interest.

The best thing to do so that regular updating is not required is to have a blog with timeless content that makes sense now and would even after several years. It can also be combined with topical content if you want but without forgetting the timeless trait.

Another important issue in a blog is the comments, unlike elsewhere; the comments become a very rich conversation between the writer of the blog and its readers. Sometimes an article’s comments provoke an interesting discussion that complements very well the item or even gives rise to write another article following the ideas outlined above. Sometimes they are just compliments or criticism. In case of insulting comments or ones that fail to respect the blog, one must be blunt and not allow it, delete them.

There is no need to check the blog every day. After one is submitted, one has to give some time for the visitors to read and comment on them. On an average, once a week is a decent number. Quality blogs always get response irrespective of the numbers. Keep this is mind and professional blogging becomes very easy.

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