Private And Government Grants

Private And Government Grants To Increase College Education Through Online Education. If the statistics are to be believed, approximately 50% of the total students who enroll into colleges drop out. The primary reason for this has been attributed towards lack of financial stability. This has been a reason of concern for the institutes as well as the government alike and steps are being taken towards increasing the percentage of student retention.

Private And Government Grants

A prominent step on this front has been made by private organizations and the government who are now giving out grants to institutions so that they can use technology to impart education, a way that would be cheaper and easily affordable by a large percentage of those who drop out. Some prominent grants that have recently been in the news are:

1) Probably the biggest grant was when the foundation run by Bill and Melinda Gates announced a $12.9 million grant for community colleges.

The terms and conditions of the grants include the following clauses:

a) The institutions would create cutting edge virtual environments in order to support teachers and help the students in improving their academic performance.

b) Work towards creating a technology that would include social media tools to form a community (virtual in nature) what can be implemented to provide certification programs for teachers.

c) To create and develop dynamic virtual labs to facilitate free access by everyone and be used as open resources.

2) EduCause, a very famous non-profit organization recently announced grants for technology projects with the motive of preparing students to go to college. Their main agenda is to bring the online and traditional classroom education forms together which would enable a student to take basic, non-credit and supplemental courses with ease. Another important area on which they wish to work on is to monitor the academic performance of students in real time with the help of technology.

3) The ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) aims to improve learning ability of students through use of innovative technology.

It is right to assume that all of these are pretty far-fetched. But they sure are promising and could bring a revolution in the way the education system of the U.S.A. works. The reason why all this effort is being put into practice is because according to estimates, approx. 50% of the jobs in U.S. would require college level qualifications. If the trend remains the way it is, things would become very difficult and outsourcing would become very prominent, again something that would not go down well with the citizens.

On an average, an average college graduate earns nearly $1 million dollar more than his counterpart who has not gone to college; an amount which everyone would like to get their hands on. Not only this, but it would also lead to increase in productivity thus helping the American economy in a lot of ways. The skill set of any college graduate are considered to be much higher and better than the others. While steps are being taken, we can only hope that these private and government grants can help U.S. citizens get college education that they all desire.

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