Popular Internet Degrees

In the article I’ll tell you about Popular Internet Degrees. The growing popularity of online learning has opened up new opportunities for many people looking to advance in their career. Since most online students are working professionals who are looking to improve their career prospects it should come as no surprise that the most popular internet degrees are the ones that can most help them to do that. Most online degrees are at the masters level and are intended to help people to improve their job skills.

Popular Internet Degrees

When it comes to popular internet degrees their is one that stands out above all the rest, that is the online MBA. This is the degree that made online learning popular, entire schools were created just to offer online MBA classes. The reason for this is not hard to understand, the MBA is pretty much a requirement for people looking to get promoted into management.

Ambitious employees realized they needed an MBA to get promoted but couldn’t really afford to take the time off work to go back to school, so they jumped all over online learning. Since the MBA applies to virtually all career fields there was no shortage of students pursuing one online and this created a huge demand that needed to be met, so virtually every school in the country started to offer online MBA’s. Even that wasn’t enough so whole new schools were created to meet the demand.

Once the online MBA pushed schools into the online learning arena it was easy for them to offer more and more programs and a number of other degrees became very popular. The most popular online degrees tend to be the ones that are aimed at working professionals and so they are usually masters degrees.

Fields like engineering where upgrading your skills is a constant requirement became very popular and there are now a large number of online Master of Engineering degrees. Since virtually all engineers will eventually need to get a masters degree if they want to get ahead and there is also a constant need to keep up to date with new developments in the field it is easy to understand the popularity of these degrees.

Other popular internet degrees tend to be fields that have a lot of specialized career options available like nursing. There are a wide variety of online masters degrees in nursing covering the various different specialities that are available. This allows nurses to move into higher paying fields without having to give up their jobs and return to school.

The other common factor in popular internet degrees is fields that have become hot and have a lot of jobs available like criminal justice. These degrees are usually pursued by people who are looking to change careers and don’t want to give up their current job while they train for a new one.

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