Online School Scams

Tips on How Not to Fall for Online School Scams. Although the internet has opened up countless avenues for learning and doing just about everything under the sun, unfortunately, there are a lot of people who use it for scamming and other illegal activities. One of the most common among these would online school scams. If you are online looking for a school or university where you could take an online course from, it is important that you know what you need to watch out for. Here are some tips that could help you out.

Online School Scams

1. Visit the official websites of the schools you are interested in enrolling into. A good school should offer plenty of information on their course and program offerings as well as information on the resources and tools that they have for their students and educators. Read about their mission and vision, goal and history to determine if they are an institution that could help you achieve your goals.

2. Do your research about the online college or university. Visiting their official website is not enough. Type their names into search engines. This could help you get more information about the schools, both positive and negative. There are some websites that offer guides and additional information on the different online schools that offer courses and programs to help students like yourself make more informed choices.

3. Read reviews that other students and parents have written about the school. However, make sure that they are honest reviews and not just promotional copies selling the school and its course offerings. Aside from browsing review websites, you might also want to sign up with forums that are related to online education or online learning. This would allow you to learn about the opinions other students and parents about the schools you are considering. You could also interact with them and share information that would be useful in coming up with a decision.

4. Aside from researching about the school itself, you should also research on the accrediting agency. There are some schools that claim to be accredited without actually providing the name of the accrediting agency. This information should clearly be seen on the school’s website. If it is not, contact the school to get the name of the agency.

5. Visit the appropriate website for the Department of Education in your country to see if the school is listed with them. This is also where you can cross-verify if the name of the accredited agency of the school is the same with the one of the school’s website.

6. Be sure to review the curriculum for the course that you are planning to take from the online school. This would help you make sure that they are able to offer what you need to study for your chosen career. Especially when looking for masters in secondary education, make sure to double-check!

7. Do a lot of comparing. It is just like shopping for something, only much more important as it is for the online school where you would be getting an education from. Compare the programs, course and other offerings of the schools and you should be able to make a decision that you would not regret later on.

8. Be careful not to fall for “Quick Online College Degree” scams. There are plenty of fake online schools today that use this to lure students who are looking to get their degrees online quickly. Remember that the length of time that is needed to earn a bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree through an online school should be more or less the same with the length time needed if you take the same program at a traditional school.

9. You should also be wary of online schools which require you to pay tuition by the degree. According to the BBB or the Better Business Bureau, properly accredited schools, charge by the credit hour or by course or semester.

10. Lastly, try to talk with other people you know who have actually gotten their degree through attending online courses. Chances are, they would be able to give you useful information on where it is best to enroll in.

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