Newbie Tips for Getting Traffic to Your Website

This article is about Newbie Tips for Getting Traffic to Your Website. If you’re a “newbie,” so to speak, you will probably find that getting traffic to your website is the hardest thing you’ve encountered so far.  Getting traffic to your website is possible, but it isn’t a “build it and they will come” kind of deal.  You have to work at it, but the rewards will make it worth your effort.  Here are a few tips for those who are new to online business.

Newbie Tips for Getting Traffic to Your Website


Create exceptional content to attract traffic

The content on your website should offer value and be written in a way that the reader finds useful and valuable.

Avoid copying other people’s websites; search engines love fresh, unique content.  Include your keywords in your pages, and be sure to write good page titles and descriptions.  While search engine traffic isn’t the fastest way to go, it is the most important over the long haul.

Build links pointing to your website

Link-building is an essential task for getting traffic to your website.  How can you do this? It’s fairly easy.

Write articles and link to your pages using keywords as anchor text.  Submit your articles to top directories like Ezine Articles or Buzzle.  Do the same with blog posts; link them to your website pages.  You can also create links in forum signatures and in blog comments you post on other people’s blogs, but be sure not to leave comments that are considered spam.

Get the word out

Social networking is another way to get traffic, although probably not as effective as other methods.  Tell your friends on Facebook about your new site. Tweet about it.

Write a press release announcing the “grand opening” of your new business, and submit it to a few of the free press release sites.  Be sure that you optimize your content for your keywords in a press release just as you do in articles, blog posts, etc.

With a little hard work and elbow grease, you will find that getting traffic to your website isn’t as hard as many would have you believe!

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