Newbie Baby Steps To Online Business

Work From Home – Newbie Baby Steps To Online Business, Tips & Tools To Get Yourself Ready. Quit your day company job and now work from home wanting to succeed in your online business? People wearing the many hats of a small-business owner is tough at the best of times and you need to stay healthy, organized, energized and focused to make it worthwhile to work from home for your online business.

Newbie Baby Steps To Online Business

You need to plan your free time or it will just slip away while on the other hand, there is a tendency to work longer hours due to the flexibility that you have. Use the following tips to free up your time and let you enjoy more of your life, while work from home.

Work from home – your life

Focus and set priorities.

Develop a daily habit to reflect on your goal for your work, life, and family. Plan the task you want to accomplish each day for online business and then complete them in order. Resist any temptation to postpone the tough ones.

Learn to say “NO” to improve productivity and do more of the things you want to work on. Neighbors, family and friends always have the mistaken belief that because you work from home, you have lots of time.

Go for a self-assertiveness course to learn these skills if you feel you need to.

Take control and look after yourself

People should create a daily what to-do list plan and at the end of each day, review your accomplishment and learn from tasks that were not accomplished. Congratulate yourself on achievements and work.

Be generous with your compliments to people everyday. By giving first before you can get because what goes around must come around. How do you feel when you receive a compliment?

You will be far more effective with your work after a good night’s sleep and physical exercise relieves tension. Every morning breathes deeply and thinks about something fun and pleasant. It can help to relieve stress and laughter is also a good medicine

Lots of fresh fruits, vegetable and water after a meal to balance that some unhealthy food that we may have taken.

I am a strong believer that one must “eat well and exercise well” in order to work well, and it must go hand-in-hand. If you do the right thing, you will have heaps of energy, motivated, productive and happier.

Be positive, realistic and know your limits

Always turn your attention to things that have gone well. Mingle with positive people and people that are 10 times (if not more) better than our self. You will be amaze with their positive thinking and mindset.

Read motivational books and listen to motivational tapes or CDs while driving. Avoid negative people as they will drain your energy.

Don’t pack too many projects into a single day and over-commitment can make you sick.

Clean out and delegate out When people work and live in a pleasant environment, tendency you will feel better and happier.

If you clear your home environment of old paperwork, books and unused equipment regularly, you will be able to find things easily and you will feel less stressed.

If it is worth investing the extra dollars for more free time for your online business in return, then delegate tasks that would suit someone else’ talents. Hire a gardener and cleaner to work on the basic household chores.

Image makeover

People when look good will also feels good even though he work from home. It makes a lot of difference to how you feel and everyone else see you.

Stay Calm and discuss difficult issue You can’t avoid stress but you can choose how you respond to circumstances that lead to stress. Discuss the work and challenges you are facing on your online business with a trusted friend. Stress is a normal part of life.

Read or book yourself on stress management course.

Plan time for fun and Recharge

Plan your work and your life. Taking time off during holiday season to relax and play shouldn’t be considered a luxury. When you work from home, it is easy to get bogged down and so you need to plan for some free time.

By following these simple yet very effective ideas, you can really enjoy the benefits of work from home. You will have more time to enjoy your life and when you are enjoying life, you are happy.

Your online business – getting ready

Whether your preferred choice of your online business strategy is Affiliate Marketing, Pay Per click, Adsense etc on a Website or Blog etc. you would need the followings ready:

  • Three-ring binder
  • A dozen or so divider tabs (numbers okay because you’ll customize them)
  • Three-Hole punch
  • Printer (lots of ink and paper)
  • Stapler Spiral Notebook (thick with pouches)

Sign up for two web-based email accounts – one for your important online business stuff and the other for junk. Preferably like Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo so that you will have a permanent email address in the event that you move or switch ISP.

In your Outlook Express or Outlook, create folders to handle business related email, to store your Password and the other, your Receipts. Don’t forget to print your email and file it according to whatever system you may use for your printed records.

Sign up for a PayPal account. It may come in handy for receiving money as you pursue your online career. Download latest free or trial version utility programs like; Acrobat Reader, Flash Reader etc.

Now your desktop is now stuff with necessary resources needed to run your online business, but before you take the first plunge into uncharted territory, you had to be aware that your site must be able to withstand the test of time because to large extend, we are the mercy of the search engines.

In a nutshell, search engine work on the basis on what visitor wants and it is information. So the challenge for site owner is, be a publisher first and this where most are having problem with and the marketing aspect comes in later – “Content is king and it must be continuous pour”. Meaning lot of unique article added to your site in a consistent manner.

To overcome these challenges, my suggestion is when you pick the product or service for your first online business site; pick the one you are familiar with, so that you can relate to your visitor better.

Have a realistic mindset of your online business and it would be wise to set a realistic goal for your first site or Blog. Do not harbor the idea that you will get rich overnight.

To people work from home – to your online business success

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