Most Popular Degrees Online

This article tells you about Most Popular Degrees Online. There are number of different degree programs available online and that number is increasing every year. As online learning becomes more and more popular schools have started to offer new degree programs. However there is one online degree that is far and away the most popular, it is the degree that made online learning what it is today. Despite the huge increase in online degrees in available it is the one that was there at the very beginning which still attracts the most students.

Most Popular Degrees Online

Given that most online students are working adults it should come as no surprise that the most popular online degrees are the ones that will help them most in their careers. This means that the most popular online degrees are at the masters level since most people who choose to study online already have a bachelors degree.

The most common pattern is to get a bachelors degree through a traditional university and then go out and get a job. At some point it will become obvious that a masters degree is necessary in order to advance in your career. This is the point at which many people choose to get an online degree.

The most popular degree fields are the ones that are directly related to people careers. While many people will choose to get a liberal arts education at the undergraduate level in order to prepare them for a variety of different career options at the masters level they almost always choose a subject that is related to the job.

This is mainly because at the undergraduate level you really haven’t decided on a career field yet so it is wise to get an education that gives you a variety of options. At the masters level, especially the online masters degree people already have jobs and know which careers they intend to pursue. This makes it far more practical to choose a degree that is job related.

Given that most online degrees are masters degrees and that they are in fields directly related to peoples careers it should come as no surprise to learn that the most popular online degree is the MBA. The Masters of Business Administration is pretty much a requirement these days for advancement into management in any career field. Employees with any ambition at all will pursue an MBA in order to enhance their chances for promotion.

The online MBA is really the degree that made online learning mainstream. Virtually every university offers an online MBA and a number of schools have been created specifically to offer MBA programs. Schools love the online MBA since most students are mid career professionals they invariably charge them more for an MBA than they do for other degrees. The MBA is a giant cash cow for most universities. Despite this it remains the most popular online degree because it is usually required for career advancement.

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