is Valuable for Listbuilding

The following article tells you that is Valuable for Listbuilding. As pretty much every social networking group is useful for an online business in one way or another, is no exception for listbuilding. For one thing, it can be used as an advertising format to build your list. For another, it’s a good place to build a network of like-minded persons. The benefits of the former are fairly straightforward. For the latter, it can go in several beneficial directions. is Valuable for Listbuilding

Contents is Good for Advertising Your Company

If you have a company, or if you have the conception of one, is a means of advertising your company. It can also serve as a sort of human resources department, or it can serve as a corporate networking site. You can expect all these and more from

Let’s say you put your group, your company, or your vision of a company up on Of course, you should try to get into every conceivable category and niche you can. This will, of course, drive up your visibility on Google and the other search engines. This will also increase your visibility in itself. Now, what to do with it from there?

More or less, it depends on what you want to do with it. Whatever it is, you should make it up front in your group’s bio. If you want a group of like-minded people meeting up for coffee every weekend, do that. If you’re looking for volunteers to help you get your business off the ground, that’s good too. Whatever it is, it should be on the front page.

Use Meetup to Share Lists

Now, why would you want to arrange a group just for coffee meetings? If you get more affiliates who share your niches in the same room, even just once a week, you can share lists, ideas, and techniques. You can get more lists, ideas, and techniques. Let’s say that you happen to be looking for a hot new niche as a means to expand your business. If you have five people talking about their business niches over coffee, you’re much more likely to find that extra niche than if you racked your brain on your own.

Using Meetup to Forge Partnerships and Joint Ventures

The potential for forming partnerships and joint ventures is also really great on  It can be used as a mastermind “think tank,” and from there your alliances can launch.  Then you can collect the benefits of these ventures.

That is, potential customers LOVE the idea of two or more marketers working together.  They join the mailing list in throngs, and the great thing is that everyone in the partnership gets the new members on their lists.  After all, an effective joint venture is meant to be a win-win situation for everyone.

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