Making money with a blog

Making money with a blog – 3 ways to start. Once your blog is set up and you are getting a good amount of daily visitors, it’s time to take that traffic and make money with the blog.

Making money with a blog

Why do I say this in the volume of traffic to the blog after creating it? for without a lot of daily visitors no matter the strategies they use. No visit is impossible to make money with your site.

You need to get visitors entering the blog to see your ads, but this article is to see how to monetize your blog.

So here are three of my recommendations to make money blogging.

1. Build your blog on a specific niche. Do not build a blog too generic and are looking for a specific audience. If you want to blog about a variety of interests can create a blog network. Although I recommend just working on a blog at the beginning to create quality content useful to your readers.

Once a niche blog is working well, it’s time to configure and run the sale of products or services and earn a commission for each record or sale made.

Be sure to choose related products that match the theme or topic of your niche.

You can sell products through a blog as a subsidiary of the different platforms that exist as TradeDoubler affiliation or Zanox for example. These companies have tools for webmaster and easily add links, banners, or plugins widget in the sidebar to display products related blog.

The links contain a tracking code to record the activity of visitors sent from your blog. This code ensures that you receive a commission for each sale record or make your visitors.

2. Another way to make money with a blog is to sell advertising space, again you should have a lot of traffic for the advertiser to get a good return on investment and continue advertising on your blog. There are a number of templates for Blogger or WordPress to have a box of ads designed in the template. If your template does not have this feature built in, there are a number of widgets available so you can easily add advertising space for blog sidebars.

Advertising on blog is a form of business, even there are agencies out there where you can register to insert advertising links, paid by Pagerank or visits has the blog. But I have found that advertisers are paying much higher amount per ad that paid advertising agencies as intermediaries take some of the money. So long as we have a good amount of daily visitors, better include private advertisers to fill the ad space.

3. Google AdSense is another way to monetize the blog, but the price paid by Google for each click on an ad can be quite low. However, depending on the niche and the price paid by Google Adwords advertiser, earnings per click may vary in our favor.

A common question I hear is, “Where is the best place to place AdSense ads on my blog?” Through my own tests, it seems that the best position to place AdSense ads on a blog is in the part of above, on the left side. Although this depends on the design of each blog and the ability to optimally configure the rest of the content.

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