Making Money Online – Being Different as a Tech Blogger

The following article is about Making Money Online – Being Different as a Tech Blogger. Do a Google search on “best tech blogs” and Mashable and Techcrunch will spring up right at the top. That has been the case over the past few years now. In fact, there hasn’t been much change in the top 10 tech blogs list over the years, barring a few exceptions here and there. However, if technology is your niche and you would want to start a tech blog to start making money online, you would need to be different than the rest out there.

Making Money Online - Being Different as a Tech Blogger

After all, blogging on the same stuff that’s already on Mashable, Techcrunch or other top blogs isn’t going to fetch you much traffic. You need to give people a reason to start following your blog and for that to happen, you need to give them content that’s different and interesting to read. Here are some ideas on how to be different as a tech blogger and make it easier for yourself to make money online:

Make good but not so popular companies as your subject

There are hundreds of tech blogs out there writing about Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare et al. However, in this frenzy over popular tech companies, the ones which are good but not so popular fail to get attention. Usually, blogs such as Mashable and Techcrunch tend to cover tech companies which have raised more than $500,000 in venture funding. To make your blog a little different than the rest, you can try digging around and finding tech companies in the small and medium segment which are good and worth writing about. If your content is good enough, people will flock to your blog eventually.

Tech is not only online

There is another chink in the armor of popular tech blogs which you could exploit and start making money online. Almost all these blogs focus on online tech companies such as Foursquare etc. However, if you are passionate enough about technology, there are a lot of companies which actually build some amazing technology for the offline world.

There are companies in the field of robotics, nanotechnology etc. which will definitely interest the readers. After all, wouldn’t you be fascinated to read about technology that could make your laptop even thinner? Such stuff always intrigues the readers, and intriguing them is the best way of making money online.

Review the app world

Sure, Angry Birds and other successful mobile apps get a lot of traction on the top tech blogs out there. But what about the newly launched apps by small companies or entrepreneurs, which are actually useful for the consumers? This could be a very nice differentiator for your blog. Readers are always looking for good apps to download, good games which haven’t yet reached the popularity level. Giving them a ready place to look for such things could be a fantastic way to make money online through blogging.

But then again, as it is with every good thing out there, don’t expect results overnight. It takes a while for your blog to get established and start fetching traffic. But if you are consistent with the quality of your content and manage to be regular with your blogging, sooner or later, your blog will start fetching you really handsome results.

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