Make the Most of Your Apps

That article is about how to Make the Most of Your Apps. Facebook is continually evolving, and the loss of the Facebook welcome page has left a lot of page owners reeling. Many people feel they have lost control over traffic on their pages. But Facebook hasn’t only taken away, it has given too. It has introduced something I think is even better: App tabs. Your page already has standard tabs on it – things like ‘Photos’ and ‘Likes’. These new page tabs are tabs that you can use to pull your own custom content into your page. They let you control and improve the experience your visitors have when they visit your page.

Make the Most of Your Apps

These App tabs are the small images that appear in a box called ‘Views and apps’ just below your cover photo, and one click leads your visitors to any of more than 3,000 available apps. You can promote events, show off your Pinterest accounts, add a feed from your favourite industry news source, or showcase your YouTube videos.

Facebook Apps Encourage Fans to Visit Your Site Again and Again

These Apps add content to your page and give readers and fans a reason to return again and again, rather than relying on your posts showing up on their wall. This is critical for your success, because unless you’re paying for promotion, most of your posts actually do not appear on your fans’ walls. So in addition to including single use apps like email sign-ups, you’ll want one or two that readers will want to refer back to to keep them coming back.

Here’s another thing to note about app tabs – they get the most attention from visitors, second only to your cover photo. That means it’s essential that you choose wisely (make sure the app is something your visitors will use and appreciate) and that you give readers a reason to click.

Giving People a Reason to Click

That reason to click is pretty simple to accomplish as well. It turns out you can add a custom image for nearly every app, so you can take this into account when you are selecting your apps. You need something that users will want. Furthermore you can add photos and a few words of text so you can make your tab compelling without selling. (Be sure to remember the Facebook terms of service in this post)

Short phrases like “Free Report” or “Enter to Win” can give readers a reason to click, and they’re easy to incorporate into a colourful tab. Why not take a look at some of your favourite pages to see how they’re handling app tabs. They will give you lots of great ideas for how you can use apps on your business page!

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