Listbuilding is the Key to Your Affiliate Marketing Success

The following article tells you that Listbuilding is the Key to Your Affiliate Marketing Success. Many people are discouraged in affiliate marketing because they don’t understand the need for listbuilding.  Unless you’re a complete marketing savant, you’re probably not going to be independently wealthy immediately.  That’s what listbuilding addresses—it creates success for the long run.

Listbuilding is the Key to Your Affiliate Marketing Success


Building a List Opens the Door for Repeat Customers

The great benefit of building a list is that it makes having repeat customers easier.  When a client has bought the product that you’re promoting and opted into your list, it means that they’re interested in what else you have to offer.  By all means, you should let them know when and if you have other products to offer.

Having them in your mailing list is the easiest way to do this.  It also saves you a ton of sweat in attracting new traffic to your websites.  Naturally, you will want to keep drawing traffic, but at least you don’t have to rely as much on new clients.  This will save you a great deal of nail-biting when you check your traffic reports.

Mailing Your List Shouldn’t Be “Just” Marketing

With it said that mailing your list should involve updates on new products and services, that shouldn’t be all you’re mailing them.  One of the key elements in keeping your list vibrant and growing is to not always be a marketer.  People will think that you’re a spammer if that’s all you’re doing, and they’ll drop you like a hot rock.

Instead, you should mix in some informative messages with the new product alerts.  Send them the latest news in your niche.  Crack a joke or two.  Give them tips on improving the traffic to their sites.  Do things like that, and you’ll keep your list interested.

Another Important Thing:  Don’t Spam Mail Your List

One of the quickest ways to get people tired of you is to spam mail them.  They don’t need to hear from you every day, and they don’t want to.  Most people don’t even talk to their extended family and real life friends that frequently.  Don’t intrude too much in their lives.

Besides that, it’s expensive and time-consuming for you to stay on top of your list like that.  You don’t want to tell them the same things over and over again, and it would be all too easy to run out of stuff to say, even if you’re outsourcing, if you’re mailing them daily.

A good rule to observe is that people don’t mind hearing from their marketers once or twice a month.  You’re still in their lives enough that they don’t forget who you are.  On the flip side, you’re not the unwelcome guest.

That perhaps brings up a different way of thinking about listbuilding.  Instead of thinking of it as the clients being members of your list, think of yourself as a guest in their lives.  This one change of perspective can change the tone of your messages and make them more receptive to what you have to say.

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