Listbuilding by Blogging: Converting Friends

That article is about Listbuilding by Blogging: Converting Friends. One of the oldest tools in Internet Marketing is using a blog for listbuilding. There is a good reason for that: It works! It’s free, it’s fairly low maintenance, it can seriously provide value to your list, and you can actually interact with potential clients here.

Listbuilding by Blogging: Converting Friends

Nearly anyone can create a blog profile. Most blogging websites make profile building pretty intuitive. From there, it’s pretty easy to see how you can bring attention to your business on the basic level. For those with a great imagination and who are in the know with Internet marketing techniques, it’s a virtual gold mine of opportunity. It’s all in what information you enter where.

Blogging Doesn’t Have to Take Much Work

As I said earlier, blogging is relatively low maintenance. You might occasionally change around a few things here and there, and you will have to make blog posts regularly. That could be done on your website, sure. However, there are distinct advantages of using blog services like BlogSpot or WordPress over having a blog on your own website. One is that they are responsible for site maintenance, not you. It’s essentially free labor!

Also, if you don’t have the time or interest to actually do the blogging, you can always outsource it. There are several companies on the Internet that will provide that service to you.  The value of your time versus money is your choosing. Usually you can negotiate a good balance with your outsourcing company.

Advertising Your Website through Your Blog

Another technique is that by advertising your website on one or several of these blogging websites, you can use their ranking to your advantage. Combining the Google ranking of these websites along with the fine art of building a profile that’s a virtual advertising machine will shoot you straight to the top of Google searches. You just have to know how it’s done.

Blog Services are Interactive Lists

Finally, a great resource that using a blog service provides is a means to get feedback from your clientele. You can interact with them in the comments to your blog posts. This provides the advantage of knowing what your customers actually want. You can consider advice that they may give and, in general, make a lasting relationship with many of your clients. This can be advantageous to your business in that they may tell others about your services and draw more people to your profile and from there to your business’s website.

Another benefit with blogging is that you can network with other professionals. Obviously, by now, you’re not the only one who’s using this resource for their business. By building relationships with other Internet professionals, you can avail yourself of resources you might not have had otherwise.

As you can see, blogging is a multifaceted tool to use for listbuilding. You can cover a great number of avenues in marketing, customer relations, and networking using this tool. It’s all a matter of knowing what to do with it.

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