Key Secrets for Getting Traffic to Your Website

In this article I’ll tell you about Key Secrets for Getting Traffic to Your Website. Getting traffic to your website is tough for many online marketers.  If your patience is wearing thin and it seems that getting traffic to your website is impossible, here are a few “secrets” you may not be aware of that will help make it easier.

Key Secrets for Getting Traffic to Your Website


SEO tips for increasing website traffic

Having your website rank high in the search engines for your chosen keywords is paramount in getting traffic to your website.  You know that you need to sprinkle keywords throughout your content, but here are a couple of things that will help.

Include a keyword-rich title.  This is the title that shows in the web browser when your page is displayed.  Try for five to eight keywords, leaving out filler words like “the.”

Add headers to your page.  H1, H2, and H3 tags give search engines more information on what your site is about.  Use your keywords in these headers and subheaders.

Blog for increased website traffic

If you don’t currently have a business blog, start one.  It’s best to put your blog on your own site, hosted on your own domain if possible.  If you provide great content and comment on things going on in your industry on a regular basis, others will link to your site, which helps increase page rank.

If your blog is on a third-party site like Google’s Blogger, link to your site occasionally in your posts.

Get traffic by exchanging links with others

Reciprocal links are a bit “old school” but still fairly effective for helping drive traffic.

Request to exchange links with other sites that are relevant to your own.  Place these links on a separate, not-so-obvious page so that visitors won’t leave your page through these links.  Provide the other party with your link information, using your keyword phrase as your link text.

These are just a few easy tactics for getting traffic to your website.  Nothing will produce immediate traffic other than paid advertising, but doing these things helps grow your traffic and maintain it over time.

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