Is List Building Something You’ve Been Putting Off?

The article concerns the following question – Is List Building Something You’ve Been Putting Off? List building is essential to a successful online business.  That said, too many people put list building off for various reasons.  It may be that they don’t know how to begin, what to say in their e-mails, or feel that they cannot afford a good autoresponder.  No matter what the reason, don’t expect great results if you do not build a list.  Here’s some information you may find enlightening.

Is List Building Something You’ve Been Putting Off?


Building a list is not hard

Contrary to what you may believe, building a list of targeted subscribers is not that hard. It is a slow process but worth the time and effort.

All it takes to build a list is an enticing free offer and the push to get your visitor to subscribe.  You might write intriguing articles that whet the readers’ taste buds just enough to get them to want more; then link to your lead capture page from your article.  On your website or blog, make sure you have an opt-in box on every page – again, making the offer irresistible.

How to write e-mails for your list building campaign

Some people find that it is the actual communication with their list that seems the most intimidating.  What should I include in my messages?  Should I sound professional or just be myself?  This can be scary, and what you don’t want to do is to have your subscribers unsubscribe.

As long as you offer information, the reader will find helpful and give away a freebie occasionally, list building is easy.  You can even use your best articles in your e-mail series!

If you’re going to build a list, avoid using a free autoresponder

Sure, everyone would love to save money and accomplish everything they can without spending money.  When it comes to an autoresponder, you get what you pay for.  With a free one, you get e-mails filled with ads, and you also cannot depend on your messages to get delivered.

Don’t let list building intimidate you; just jump in, offer something valuable in exchange for your visitor’s e-mail address, and let your subscribers get to know you in the messages you send.

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