Is Google Chrome A Threat?

The article concerns the question – Is Google Chrome A Threat? We’ve been in the middle of a browser war for some time now. Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Safari have all been battling for our attention. But now that Google has entered the game, things may change drastically.

Is Google Chrome A Threat

Google has already claimed space on many of these browser through their additional search bar. These search bars already utilize the Google Suggest tool that we’ve had a chance to cover yesterday. So what’s the big fuss then? Well it seems that Google Chrome takes Google Suggest one step further and not only helps you figure out what you want to search for, but it also shows you some of the top results without even bringing you to the search engine results page.

Instead of having a search bar and an address bar, Google Chrome combines them. This means that when you type in the website or term you want to look for, you’re shown more than you would be if you entered that information into either field on another browser. There are two different colored links that show up when you type anything in.

The links in black are related search queries for the term or website you’ve entered in which is essentially just like Google Suggest. But what makes everything interesting is the results shown in green. These are the top ranking results for that search or websites you’ve recently visited that are related to that search.

What this essentially does is devalue websites that have the exact search term in the name will lose a significant amount of traffic due to the fact that right before hitting enter these users are going to see the top result for that term before seeing anything else. That first result is seen to be more relevant than the website with the term as its name due to search engine optimization.

The advantage of Google Chrome being in beta and not out for every platform means that there is plenty of time before this becomes a huge threat. Will the SEO world figure out a way to fix all of this without taking a huge hit to their current way of life or will the entire game be changed due to Chromes popularity?

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