Is Getting Traffic to Your Website Driving You Crazy?

The article concerns an interesting question – Is Getting Traffic to Your Website Driving You Crazy? Getting traffic to your website is one of the hardest aspects of online marketing for many people.  You have a sparkling, dynamic new site or blog, but who’s going to see it if there are no visitors?  You want the world to see what you have to offer, and you know your product or service is exceptional – if only someone would come to visit.  Getting traffic to your website can certainly be done, but you do have to work on a few strategies in order to see it happen.  Whether you get no traffic or just a trickle, the tips below will help you attract targeted visitors to your site.

Is Getting Traffic to Your Website Driving You Crazy?


Getting the Word Out

How can you attract droves of interested visitors to your website or blog?  There are literally hundreds of things you can do, both online and off, to increase the number of people who visit your site.  That being said, the best thing you can do is work on one method until you have it mastered, then move on to another.  Writing articles, blogging, social networking, forum marketing, submitting to directories, and bookmarking are all common methods used for getting traffic to your website.

Offline, consider business cards with your website URL included, t-shirts, bumper stickers, even newspaper ads.  When you put your creativity to work, you can come up with dozens of unique ways to drive targeted visitors to your site.

Article Marketing

Today, article marketing is one of the most popular free methods of driving interested visitors to your site.  Why does this work so well?  If you write articles that are optimized for your key terms and phrases, many will show up high in the search engine results, especially if you use keywords that are not overly competitive.

Sites like EzineArticles and ArticlesBase rank high in the search engines, and when someone lands on your article they are likely to read through to your author resource box where you place a link to your website using text links containing your keywords.  This means that not only do you get traffic, but your page rank will also eventually increase as well.  Articles work double duty, so if you aren’t using article marketing for getting traffic to your website, you definitely need to start!

Why Blogging is Effective

Today, blogs can work in many ways to drive visitors to your website.  Search engines love blogs because they are updated frequently – meaning fresh, original content for the search engines. Optimize your blog for your key terms, and use text links to point to your website in every post.  You can also offer to guest post on other people’s blogs if they agree to let you link back to your site in your signature.  This means another one-way link to your site, and visitors of that blog may read your post and click on your link.

Blog commenting works to build traffic, as well.  When you comment on other blogs that are related in content to yours and leave a link, it helps the search engines determine what your site is about.  Additionally, readers of that blog may be interested in what you had to say in your comment, and click through to your site.

Getting traffic to your website isn’t rocket science, but it does take some methodical work.  Try the strategies above, and start seeing an increase in your visitors!

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