Is Getting Traffic to Your Website a Stumbling Block in Your Marketing Efforts?

The article concerns the question – Is Getting Traffic to Your Website a Stumbling Block in Your Marketing Efforts? If getting traffic to your website seems to be the biggest obstacle standing between you and online success, you aren’t alone!  This is the number one problem of most marketers today, whether you are selling affiliate products or your own product/service.  You know that without traffic, there is no money to be made.

Is Getting Traffic to Your Website a Stumbling Block in Your Marketing Efforts?

There are many methods that can be used for getting traffic to your website, but the trick here is that you have to do the work!  If you have put up a website or blog that you feel is amazing; no one will see it until you start implementing a few tactics to drive traffic.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Driving Traffic through Content

Content is what the Web is made of, so it just makes sense that writing is a great way of getting traffic to your website!

Write articles, and write lots of them.  This is the best free method for driving targeted traffic, and you can build your reputation at the same time.  If you really just don’t have any money to spend, writing articles is one of the most effective ways to send traffic to your sales page, website, or blog.  If you work a full-time job, write as many articles as you can in your spare time.  If you don’t work, write tons of articles!

Blogging is another content method for getting traffic to your website.  If you have a blog, post to it often.  Bookmark your posts, Tweet them, and mention them on social networking sites.  A good blog filled with unique, useful content will attract traffic on its own.

Forums and Social Networks

These are two great platforms for drawing interest in your products/services.  Join four or five forums that are relative to your niche/product and visit every day.  When someone asks for advice or opinions, get involved in the discussion.  By making yourself available and providing useful advice, people will get to know you, and they will click through from your signature to your website.

Social networking is a great way to drive traffic as well.  Post a compelling profile. Make yourself known without spamming or coming across as someone who only wants to sell something.  People like others who are helpful, genuine and honest.


If you have the money to spend, pay-per-click advertising is the fastest method for getting traffic to your website.  Make sure you know what you’re doing before you attempt this technique; otherwise, you could lose your butt!

Pay for advertising on other websites that are ranked high in the search engines; write a few press releases and submit to both free and paid sites.

These are just a few suggestions; many people come up with creative ideas of their own, and you can also send traffic to your website using offline tactics such as business cards, t-shirts and newspaper advertising.

Getting traffic to your website doesn’t have to be a bummer; work at it, and keep looking for new and innovative ways to find those people in need of your product/service.

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