Is an Online Business Degree Affordable?

The article concerns the following question – Is an Online Business Degree Affordable? In this blog post we will be discussing whether an online business degree is affordable or not, especially in comparison to a local college or university that you may attend in your city or town. There is a lot of talk about online degrees being cheaper than traditional college degrees, so the focus of this post is clarify that for online business degrees.

Is an Online Business Degree Affordable?

To get started, will will be talking about prices of an online business degree.

Online Business Degree Prices/Costs

In general, an online business degree is going to cost anywhere between $13,000-$70,000 depending on the college or university that you will be attending. What makes an online business degree affordable or more expensive is the fact of the school that you are attending and its quality rating.

Other things that go into this consideration are the school’s location, the level of the degree, the major, as well as any online facilitation as some schools may charge for this.

Snippet of universities that offer online business programs:

University of Wyoming – Bachelor of Business Administration – $16080

Fort Hays State University – Bachelor Business Administration – $21080

Let’s go ahead and answer a very common question – will my degree be cheaper if I do it online / is an online business degree cheaper?

The short and sweet answer to this question is no.. The reason is that distance education programs and degrees usually cost about the same as an on campus program will. In addition, many online courses are a lot more work for college professors to update and they require website maintenance. Because of this, some schools charge up to double than they will for traditional classes.

So we guess after all convenience those kind of, at a cost. In our opinion, for the money the convenience is definitely worth it as you will be able to have better management of your time as well as a very short time line until you graduate.

Other Costs for Your Online Business Degree

In addition to your college or university tuition, you will also be required to pay for items such as the following:

  • application fees
  • student fees
  • Internet fees
  • computer equipment and software
  • trips to your school
  • phone calls
  • laboratory fees
  • laboratory materials
  • and of course, textbooks

These items may seem meager, but they can surely add up to a much larger number over time while you are taking your online business degree course. FYI, some schools use more online textbook resources and in these cases you may not be required to buy as many textbooks physically.

We hope that this information is useful for you in your quest to obtain your online business degree. An online business degree is very affordable, it all depends on your requirements and the school that you select overall.

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